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Why read IUSM Student News? Learn more!


More FAQs:

Why did IUSM news start?
IUSM Student News was created after hearing feedback from students at all campuses saying that they received too many emails. So,IUSM Student News was formed streamline the information medical students receive from educators, administrators and other students.

What do I need to do?
Be sure to open IUSM Student News each week to stay up to date on all important communications from MSC, curriculum, student affairs and more. Just think how much easier it’ll be to skim one email than open dozens each week! Also, be sure to submit information you’d like to send to students via this form!

What’s going on with IUSM Student News and listserv emails?
Eventually we will transition from using listservs to using IUSM student news to communicate important student information. We’re still in a transitionary period so you will still see some listserv emails (and you will consider to see some in emergent situations), but we hope to transition fully soon! To speed up this transition, please start submitting your news, announcements and events via this form to be included in IUSM Student News.

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Questions or feedback?
We want to make sure this newsletter is valuable and effective for all students. Please send any questions or feedback to

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