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MS2: Next steps for Step 1


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Develop your study plan
Now that you have your CBSE results, please reach out to your lead advisor and/or the learning specialist to develop your personal study plan. They are also available to help with finding an accountability partner and with recognizing signs of burn out.

Visit Canvas for student advice
Visit the Step 1 Advice page on the Mentoring & Advising Program (MAP) Canvas page for advice from students. Remember the number one piece of advice is to do what works best for you though. Concentrate on finishing strong in your courses before your dedicated Step 1 study time. In 2017, the mean score for Step 1 at IUSM was 231. The mean score nationally was 230.

Take advantage of practice vouchers
The school has provided three opportunities for practice:

  • October CBSSA voucher
  • January CBSE
  • February CBSSA voucher

In order to receive vouchers for additional CBSSAs, students should contact their lead advisor and provide their CBSSA scores.

Destress with the Mental Health Services team
Remember the Mental Health Services team is available to work with you on issues such as test anxiety that might prevent you from performing well on exams. All of their services are confidential. Lisa Heitman is the program coordinator and initial point of contact for the department. She coordinates scheduling and acts as a liaison for you and potential referrals. Lisa can be reached at or 317-278-2383.

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