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MS2: Attend/View Step 1 prep sessions


Update published April 20

Did you miss the April 11 session on Step 1 and summer prep? Watch the video.

We were excited to have three panelists discuss their experiences and offer advice in preparing for Step 1. With questions or concerns, reach out to your Lead Advisor or the Learning Specialist.

Update published March 16

Improve your knowledge in a few content areas before Step 1 by attending the prep session on Tuesday, March 20.

This session will be led by the Path TA’s and will include questions and slides with high-yield talking points/topics.

Tuesday, March 20: 10 am-noon  EDT/9-11 am CDT
In-person location: MS B26
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android at this Zoom meeting room.
Topics for this session are neurology, endocrinology, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular.

Good luck with preparations!

Previous sessions cover a number of topics listed below. To view these sessions, visit MediaSite.

Sept. 18 Session:

  • Creating a study plan
  • Identifying priorities
  • Developing strategies for incorporating questions into studying
  • Finding an accountability partner

Nov. 3 Session:

  • Self-Care and Self-Management
  • Developing ways to manage stress and prevent burnout while preparing for the exam

Jan. 9 Session:

  • Using practice exam results to improve performance
  • Evaluating which resources will be most helpful for you
  • Selecting the best resources for Step 1 preparation

Jan. 10 Session 1:

  • Q-Bank practice question strategies
  • Deciding between 2 choices: Problem solving and contextual cues

Jan. 10 Session 2:

  • Session for nontraditional students
  • How to explain the importance of Step 1 to your family
  • Managing and garnering support for your study time

Jan. 11 Session:

  • Anatomy of Step 1 questions and developing Step 1 mindset
  • Test-taking strategies

March 6 Session:

March 14 Session:

  • Bone/soft tissue
  • musculoskeletal
  • pulmonary
  • GU
  • Can also be viewed at this site
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