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In Their Words: Morgan Saiko-Blair, MS2, gives advice to students considering a Scholarly Concentration

Saiko Blair

Morgan Saiko-Blair, second year medical student

Morgan Saiko-Blair is a second year medical student  participating in the Scholarly Concentration in Quality and Innovation in Health Care in Evansville.

Why did you pick your Scholarly Concentration, and describe your project?

I picked my Scholarly Concentration (Quality and Innovation in Health Care) based on my interest in cancer research. My project was based on improving cancer patient understanding of their at-home care. All cancer patients were taught by nurses on how to handle their home care and what the main “dos” and “don’ts” included. Patients were then given a survey at home to rate their satisfaction and understanding of their at-home care. With these surveys, teaching methods can be improved and ultimately the care of the patient can be improved as well.

Describe your Scholarly Concentration experience so far – what has the time commitment been like?

My Scholarly Concentration experience has been unique. While working within my research over the summer, I also completed two separate courses. One was based on research, while the other was based on Lean Six Sigma. During the day, I would focus on the research aspect of my Scholarly Concentration, and then my night commitment was centered around course work. Organization of my time and dedicating specific times of the day were important to success.

What advice would you give someone considering a Scholarly Concentration?

Stay committed. The Scholarly Concentration is more than just a summer commitment and will most likely continue for the next year or more. Remember the end goal and remain disciplined.

 What do you know now about Scholarly Concentration participation that you wished you had known before you applied?

I wish I had known the full extent of what was required to earn my Scholarly Concentration. Prior to the summer starting, I thought that I just needed to complete a summer of research and take one course. However, the entire experience is much more significant and valuable.


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