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First Look: IU School of Medicine Launches Phase 3 Curriculum

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First Look: IU School of Medicine Launches Phase 3 Curriculum
 IU School of Medicine’s Office of Medical Student Education (MSE) is excited to share details about Phase 3 (year four) of the new curriculum, which will start in April of 2019 for the Class of 2020. Below are some quick details about this final phase of medical school training, carefully designed to optimally prepare students to be confident and well-equipped graduates of IU School of Medicine. Stay tuned in the weeks to come for more information.
Early Start
Phase 3 will kick-off on April 8, 2019. This start date will give students more time to schedule and complete rotations. These rotation experiences, along with more opportunities to obtain recommendation letters, will be beneficial for residency applications.
More Opportunities for Advanced Clinical Rotation Experiences
Phase 3 will feature more chances for clinical experiences. These experiences will further hone student skills and complement the traditional sub-internship, emergency medicine and radiology required two-week clerkship experiences. All students will also now be required to complete at least one “Advanced Clinical Elective,” which will be defined as a clinical rotation that involves more complex patient care experiences. (This category of elective is being updated and will be appropriately notated in the current elective catalogue in the next few weeks.) Ample elective time will be available for students to pursue additional clinical rotations (including away rotations). This time will also serve to further student professional and scholarly development.
Interview / Self-study time
In response to student feedback, Phase 3 will now have two four-week blocks and one two-week block of time for students to schedule residency program interviews, study for USMLE Step 2, spend time for wellness and/or vacation. Late December through the early January remains a period of unscheduled time. In addition, May will no longer be part of the formal curriculum. Instead, May will be a time for students to prepare for graduation and the transition to residency.
Transitions 3 / Preparation for Residency
This four-week “boot camp” course will occur post-Match, beginning on April 1, 2020 and will continue throughout month. This mandatory course will include a mix of core and discipline-specific content to optimally prepare students for the next step in their training journey. Transitions 3 will occur in Indianapolis for all students and will provide an opportunity for students to interact with classmates from around the state one last time before graduation. Housing will be provided if needed.​
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Bradley Allen, MD, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

Bradley serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education at IUSM, working to help build student support at all nine IUSM campuses from a Student Affairs standpoint as well as continuous improvement in the curriculum offered in all phases...