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You will receive an email with your requested White Coat Ceremony electronic tickets the week of April 1-5.

White Coat Ceremony 2024 Tickets

You will receive an email with your requested White Coat Ceremony e-tickets the week of April 1-5. There will be a ticket for you and guest tickets in the number you requested.

To prepare for this:

  • Create a Live Nation account using your IU email address at You will need the account to have your IU email address.
  • Add the Live Nation app to your smartphone.
  • Watch your email for a message from Live Nation Concerts. That message will contain your tickets.

Instructions for accepting tickets and transferring them to your guests can be found here.

If you requested additional tickets, they will also be added to your original order.

If you do not have a smartphone or have any other ticket questions, please contact Megan Andersson.

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