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Mask on or off? It depends on your work and location

an illustration of people wearing masks

IU School of Medicine has changed its mask guidance in consultation with the school’s clinical partners.

For individuals who are up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccination—meaning they are fully vaccinated and boosted—masks are optional in some areas. In all IU Health licensed facilities where patients receive care, masks are still required for everyone in most locations. Patients and their visitors are still required to wear masks when in IU Health facilities, regardless of vaccination status.

Masks optional if vaccinations are up-to-date*

Administrative buildings

  • Breakrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Cubicles and offices
  • Classroom and instruction spaces
  • Laboratory and research spaces (except where hazard assessment indicates that PPE is warranted)
  • Spaces inaccessible to patients and their visitors

*Those with exemptions and others not up to date on vaccinations, with boosters when eligible, must mask and socially distance 3 feet. When unmasked to eat/drink, increase social distance to 6 feet. Masks are optional for visitors to administrative buildings, if they are up to date on vaccinations.

Masks required regardless of vaccination status

  • Patient care areas
  • Imaging centers
  • Hospital units
  • Outpatient offices
  • Procedure areas
  • Surgery centers
  • Hallways and corridors leading to clinical areas
  • Shared spaces like cafeterias (unless eating), lobbies, gift shops and restrooms
  • Any affiliate campus where masks are required

Considerations have also been made for clinical trials work happening in IU School of Medicine spaces. During in-person research participant interactions, regardless of location (clinical care or research space), the researchers interacting with the participant (and ideally the participant) should be masked during the research visit to maximize participant safety. When research participants are not present in research space, masks are not required.

Any individual who is up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations may choose to continue wearing a mask, even when not required.

Additionally, in non-clinical areas where in-person meetings are held:

  • No size/attendance limits
  • Food allowed, including buffets
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