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IU Health requires proof of vaccination for clinical learners

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IU Health requires COVID-19 vaccination for everyone working, training or learning in its facilities, and federal rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services now require IU Health to track vaccination compliance for these groups—including contingent workers and non-workers (contractors, locums, students, travelers, vendors and volunteers). 
To avoid potential disruption in learning and training activities at IU Health facilities, medical students, residents, fellows and students in other health care training programs must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption to IU Health no later than Friday, May 13.  
IU Health team members who have already submitted proof of vaccination to IU Health Employee Occupational Health Services, or those with an approved exemption through IU Health, do not have to complete this process for learners.  
To submit proof of vaccination, follow these steps:  
1. Submitting proof: Those who have completed their COVID-19 vaccination or have an approved exemption may submit proof to IU Health now using this online form. Proof must be submitted no later than May 13; and questions may be sent to  
NOTE: Learners must upload a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card as proof of vaccination. Click through the form to see what is required for proof of a medical or religious exemption.  
2. Getting vaccinated: If learners haven’t received the COVID-19 vaccination, they should do so soon. Those who choose either Pfizer or Moderna and won’t receive both doses by May 13 should submit proof of the first dose before the deadline using the same form
NOTE: Learners who submit proof of the first dose now must use the same form to submit proof of the second dose after completing their COVID-19 vaccination.  
3. Requesting an exemption: Learners may apply for either a medical exemption or religious exemption through IU Health by May 6. You will receive a decision within seven business days and if denied, you may appeal within seven business days. Exemption questions may be sent to  
NOTE: Learners requesting an exemption must answer a few questions to substantiate the request. Medical exemption requests must include supporting medical documentation from their provider. 
Proof of vaccination or exemption must be submitted to IU Health no later than May 13. Those who do not meet this deadline may be reassigned to a location outside of IU Health’s licensed patient care facilities. 
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