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Data management plan procedure set with August 2022 submission deadline

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IU School of Medicine research leaders look forward to another successful year of collecting data management plans (DMPs) for all current, federally funded research projects (excluding the VA). The process to complete this requirement will be easier this year for researchers who completed data management plans in 2021. 

If you completed a DMP in 2021, you can use the “Copy” feature

  • Go to this link for the DMP form.
  • Click on “My Entries” in the upper right corner of the screen. The left side of the screen should now show options to select “Drafts,” “Entries” or “Copy Form Entry.”
  • Click “Copy Form Entry” and select the DMP of interest. (Verify it’s the correct one by clicking on the Form ID.)
  • Choose “Copy” under the “Action” option on the far right. All the information will be copied from the selected form.
  • Choose the correct active award in the drop-down and choose the personnel information and any other changes that need to be made to the form for the active award.
  • Update any new information and submit form.

If this is the first time a DMP is being completed for an active award:

  • Go to this link for the DMP form.
  • After typing the IU username (not email address) of the principal investigator (PI) in the first box, the form will automatically pull active federal grants into the drop-down menu. 
  • By selecting the appropriate grant, the form will populate with people who are being paid on the grant. 
  • The rest of the information can then be filled in and submitted. 

Researchers are encouraged to complete the data management plans as soon as possible. All data management plans must be submitted by Wednesday, August 31, 2022. As a reminder, there must be a separate data management plan submitted for every active award each year. 

“We were delighted to see the completion rate near 100 percent last year and are grateful to everyone who contributed to this important effort,” said Tatiana Foroud, PhD, executive associate dean for research affairs at IU School of Medicine. “We must be good stewards of our data, and this is an important way to do that. I am confident that we can achieve complete compliance in 2022, which will help us stay ahead of the new NIH regulations for data management plans which will go into effect in 2023.” 

Starting January 25, 2023, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will require researchers to provide a data management plan as part of the submission of award applications. 

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and ways to get help submitting DMPs. 

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