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AIM seeks members for program management team

Notebook open on a wood table, with three speech bubble-shaped post-it notes with one word on each- "Diversity" on orange, "Equality" on green and "Inclusion" on pink. A blue pen with a black cap laying next to it is on the notebook next to the notes

Launched in 2021, the Achieving Inclusivity in Medicine (AIM) program uses a diversity, equity, inclusion and justice lens to introduce fundamental communication skills to incoming medical students. The program’s leadership team is recruiting IU School of Medicine faculty and staff to participate in the newly developed program management team. The team will include one representative from each IU School of Medicine campus and will operate in a manner similar to the course management team framework used with core courses of the MD curriculum. Specifically, members of the AIM program management team will:

  • Participate in ongoing program development processes.
  • Participate in necessary training related to the AIM program and Relationship-Centered Communication.
  • Lead and coordinate on-site logistics of the AIM program for their respective campus.
  • Deliver didactic portions of the AIM curriculum when needed.
  • Recruit and retain a pool of AIM facilitators at their respective campus.
  • Assist with small group facilitator training.

The AIM Program Management Team is expected to meet one to times per month beginning in November or December 2022. Other training programs will be held throughout the year.

If you are interested, submit a one-page summary via e-mail with the following information:

  1. Name and institutional roles
  2. Experience with AIM or other communication training programs
  3. Experience working with programs focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) and/or experience implementing inclusive teaching practices
  4. Experience training, mentoring or supervising faculty and staff
  5. Describe how participating on the program management team will further your professional goals

E-mail letters of interest by 5 pm, Friday, October 14, to Emily Laughlin. Those selected to participate will be notified no later than October 31.

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