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<p>In a show of its dedication to expand the expertise of its faculty, the IU School of Medicine Department of Neurological Surgery recently welcomed two new neurosurgeons.</p>

New Faculty Join the Department of Neurological Surgery

Brandon Lane, MD (left), and Kunal Gupta, MD, PhD

Brandon Lane, MD (left), and Kunal Gupta, MD, PhD

In a show of its dedication to expand the expertise of its faculty, the IU School of Medicine Department of Neurological Surgery recently welcomed two new neurosurgeons, Kunal Gupta, MD, PhD, and Brandon Lane, MD

Dr. Gupta is a functional neurosurgeon, specializing in the open and minimally invasive treatment of movement disorders and epilepsy. He joins Thomas Witt, MD, in the Department’s Deep Brain Stimulation Program that leads the state in using DBS for the comprehensive management of patients with Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia and other movement disorders.

“Surgery for epilepsy and movement disorders has the ability to dramatically impact both the patient’s life as well as the lives of their loved ones, helping them lead fuller lives, less troubled by their disease,” Gupta says. “This is what drives me to innovate and advance our care in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.”

Gupta trained in clinical neurosurgery at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland Oregon. His clinical interests also include thalamotomy, pallidotomy, laser interstitial thermal therapy, responsive neurostimulation, vagal nerve stimulation, microvascular decompression and peripheral nerve decompression.

Dr. Lane has taken on two unique roles within the department, including being positioned full-time at Eskenazi Hospital, and heading up a new Global Neurosurgery program. He transitioned to a full-time faculty position after graduating from IU’s Neurosurgery Residency program after completing a year-long enfolded Neurovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship in July, concluding his seven-year IU training journey. He says it’s difficult to choose only one standout moment of his evolution from resident to faculty.

“There is certainly a thrill every day in the added responsibility and privilege to take care of patients following your own thought and reason as opposed to that handed down by a superior,” Lane says.

“Additionally, working with students and residents as a teacher and mentor has been equally exciting and fulfilling,” he adds. “If forced to pick, I think the seminal moment for me would be my first case as an attending. The symbolism in that moment represents the first time I formally served as an independent caregiver, teacher and mentor.”

Lane’s clinical interests include general and complex brain and spine pathology, including primary brain tumors, pituitary tumors, trauma, degenerative spine disease and disc herniations.

“We are thrilled to welcome Drs. Lane and Gupta to our faculty this year,” says Department Chair, Shelly Timmons, MD, PhD. “They are both consummate professionals and bring considerable talent and expertise to these positions.”

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