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Andrew Rowan, MD, joins IU School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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The IU School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=za"> continues to expand its expertise in the field of orthopaedic spine with the recruitment of Andrew Rowan, MD. After completing his Master’s degree in anatomy, Dr. Rowan obtained his MD degree from Case Western Reserve, followed by residency training at the University of Arizona and fellowship training at University of California – Davis.  Dr. Rowan now serves as an assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at IU School of Medicine and is a practicing surgeon at IU Health Methodist and IU Health North.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

What will your responsibilities with IU School of Medicine entail?
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">In addition to building a spine practice here in Indianapolis, I have a strong interest in education. After obtaining my Master’s degree in anatomy, I acted as a teaching assistant during medical school and provided lab instruction and occasional lectures to med students. During my residency, I enjoyed the role of educator, whether it was teaching med students about orthopaedics or teaching junior residents the techniques of surgery.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

What made you want to become an orthopaedic surgeon?
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">I was interested in pursuing a career in surgery and was fortunate enough to get a job working as a medical assistant for an orthopaedic surgeon prior to beginning medical school. I saw what a positive impact he was able to have on his patients and I wanted to be able to do the same.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

Why did you choose orthopaedic spine as a specialty?
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">The more I pursued orthoapedics, the more I became interested in spinal disorders. Several of my orthopaedic mentors in medical school were spine specialist, and so I continued to gravitate in that direction.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

What are your research<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=za"> interests?
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">My research interests include adult and pediatric deformity, as well as post-operative pain management.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

Why did you choose to become a part of the faculty here at IU School of Medicine?<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=za">
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">I appreciated everything that both IU School of Medicine as well as IU Health have to offer, and how the two intertwine.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

What are your goals for education and research at the School of Medicine?
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">I look forward to working with both medical students and residents, whether in the clinical setting, on research projects, or in the classroom or anatomy lab. I hope to have the same impact on them that many of my mentors had on me.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?
<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zstrong">Spending time with my family, reading, travelling and exercise.<~ ink.aspx?_id="92302C6E9AFF496F9C96F9952B50ABB7&_z=zp">

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