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Three women from the Department of Emergency Medicine, Drs. Kimi Chernoby, Megan Palmer, and Julie Welch, were recently honored with awards recognizing their individual contributions to mentoring and leadership.

Recognizing Women Leaders in Medicine

women leaders in medicine

At Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine, we believe in promoting women in medicine and recognizing excellence at all levels. We’re happy to announce that three Emergency Medicine women, Drs. Kimi Chernoby, Megan Palmer, and Julie Welch, were all recently honored with awards recognizing their individual contributions to mentoring and leadership.

Drs. Chernoby and Palmer were among the recipients of IUPUI’s 2020 Women’s History Month Annual Leadership Award. This award is given to a group of IUPUI women faculty, staff and student leaders “who have been outstanding leaders in their department or schools, or who have demonstrated significant leadership at the campus, community, national, and/or international level”. Recipients of this award showcase qualities like commitment/service to students, service to IUPUI and its mission, and commitment to serving others in the community. You can read more about the award by clicking here.

Dr. Julie Welch received the 2020 AMWA Exceptional Mentor Award from the American Medical Woman’s Association. This award “celebrates those who have made an impact on the lives of students in medicine’ and defines an “Exceptional Mentor” as a mentor who helps students develop their career, supports their interests, and/or meet their goals. You can read more about the award on AMWA’s website by clicking here.

Drs. Kimi Chernoby, Megan Palmer and Julie Welch are all strong examples of women acting as mentors and leaders in medicine. Kimi Chernoby, MD, JD, currently serves as one of the Chief Residents for the categorical Emergency Medicine Residency program has been a driving force behind advocacy efforts like the recent parental leave policy for residents in the program. Her nominator wrote, “Dr. Chernoby exemplifies the character qualities of a female physician leader. She has used her expertise and leadership roles to advocate for patients and her fellow residents, successfully influencing policy changes that improve lives.”

Megan Palmer, PhD, is the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity, and also serves as the Vice Chair of Academic Affairs for the IUSM Department of Emergency Medicine. As Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, Megan oversees department communications, new faculty orientation, EM JAMs, the visiting professor series, and continuing medical education. She also collaborates with administrative and faculty leaders to help identify and resolve issues that affect the overall functioning of the academic department. As on faculty member wrote, “Dr. Palmer is invaluable leader in our department. Her mentorship and wisdom have been a stabilizing force. Her expertise is enhanced by her ability to organize and motivate our faculty and learners to perform at their highest potential.”

Julie Welch, MD, also exemplifies leadership through her roles as Director of Mentor Training for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ICTSI) and Vice Chair for Faculty Development for the IUSM Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Welch is a champion for the department’s diversity, wellness, and mentoring efforts. Julie also established the IU Emergency Medicine (IUEM) Women's Mentoring Group. According to Megan Palmer, PhD, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, “Julie created a unique mosaic of group, vertical, peer, and individual mentoring aimed at female students, residents, faculty, spouses, and community alumni.”

Please congratulate our outstanding EM women on their achievements!

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Emmy Schram

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