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Hot off the press!

We have some exciting new opportunities to spread the news to others about our research this week! I will be interviewed by business health reporter Barbara Lewis of “Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick”, a local news show that hosts stories on local people and businesses that are making headlines in Indiana. They will be coming to our labs to film a segment on our research and the NASA mission.

In preparation for my interview, I learned about the art of B roll footage, which is an alternative or supplemental intercut within the main shot. In layman’s terms, while they are showing the footage of my interview, they will cut out the image of me talking and roll to a shot of other footage of the labs, where my voice will be heard in the background. This is often done in movies in the form of flashbacks.

We here in the lab are all very excited about this media coverage and are hoping you will share in this exciting new experience with us by checking out the show and watching along with us!

You can watch our interview scheduled to air this week on the days below:

WFYI (PBS) 20 (and all other PBS channels): FRIDAY AT 7:30PM EST (February 5, 2016)

WTHR (NBC) 13: SUNDAY AT 11AM EST (February 7, 2016)

If you live in a city outside of Indianapolis, please click on the link below to see which channel may broadcast the Inside INdiana Business show with Gerry Dick in your area or to see clips of the segment online.


Written by Melissa Kacena

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