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Confidentiality and Privacy

We understand that it can be hard to reach out and ask for help, and that includes getting support for your mental health concerns. The Department of Mental Health Services (DMHS) works hard to make this process as easy as possible by reducing barriers to service and by protecting your confidentiality.

Below, please see all the ways we work to maintain confidentiality. The only exception to the information below is if you are an immediate risk to yourself or someone else. In that situation, we are required to ensure safety above all.

  • All services with DMHS are completely confidential. We will never tell anyone that you have attended a session or reached out for support unless you request in writing that we do so.

    • We do not share any information about you, or your treatment, to IU School of Medicine staff or faculty.

    • We do not share any information about you, or your treatment, to medical boards or residency/fellowship programs.

    • Your mental health treatment is not documented in your academic record.

  • Sometimes trainees decide it can be in their best interest to let their program know that they have received care. If you decide you want us to talk with your program, we require a signed release of information for any communication about your care. It is 100% up to you whether to sign a release.

    • You get to decide whether to sign a release.

    • You get to decide what information to share (e.g., date of appointments only, content of visits, test results, etc.)

    • You have the right to revoke a release of information at any time.

  • We use a completely separate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Our EMR is not used at any of the IU School of Medicine training sites (hospitals and clinics). This firewall means that nobody can see that you have attended a visit with our team, and no one other than DMHS staff can access your medical records.

  • DMHS staff never serve in any role that could teach or evaluate medical trainees, and no IU School of Medicine staff or physicians who supervise or evaluate medical learners work at DMHS.

  • DMHS has designed the office space itself to further support confidentiality. DMHS office space is in a separate space in an administrative building (not a classroom building or clinical practice area) to make it unlikely you would encounter faculty or staff. Additionally, telehealth appointments are available if you prefer.