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Mental Health Resources for Trainees in Kenya/Abroad

IU School of Medicine trainees traveling abroad may have mental health crises. Because they are located outside of Indiana, providers from the Department of Mental Health Services are unable to offer direct services. The following list of resources is provided as a starting point for accessing a variety of mental health supports.

Please note the resources on this list have been compiled from suggestions from a range of resources and have not been vetted by DMHS. DMHS does not endorse any of the specific resources included. Additionally, some of these resources may involve fees or costs to the trainee.

Mental Health Resources

available if in the same location as the resource

TimelyCare is available to all IU School of Medicine trainees. For trainees who are abroad, TalkNow (on-demand therapy sessions) are available if the trainee has access to a US-based VPN.

Department of Mental Health Services offers counseling services. If an IU School of Medicine trainee has plans to return to Indiana, they may use the portal or call the main DMHS phone line at 317-278-2383 to pre-schedule an appointment to ensure they can meet with someone immediately upon their return.

The travel insurance for the trainee can often provide a list of providers available to the trainee. They can also share information about what is available virtually.

The University of Nairobi has a psychiatry department that is current on best practices and connected with the massive ex-pat community (especially British) in Kenya. They would likely be able to connect trainees to a British psychiatrist to address any mental health care needs.

Grace Kariuki is a therapist based in Nairobi Kenya. Her number is +254707584830 ( Harbor Counseling and Consulting)

The Truman Group offers remote therapy and mental health consultations to people living outside the US, and their co-founder grew up as an expat in Kenya. 

The International Therapist Directory has a list of hundreds of counselors in over 40 countries who focus on serving the needs of the expat community.

Expat Counseling and Psychotherapy can also provide links to providers in countries around the world.

Support Resources

available regardless of location

Protocall is a resource for any IU School of Medicine trainee. Call at any time and get connected to a mental health provider to help with crisis in the moment (e.g., talking through a panic attack or thoughts of self-harm) 317-278-HELP (4357).

The Julian Center is the largest organization supporting victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises in central Indiana.

They have a crisis line: (317) 920-9320

Pathways to Safety International empowers victims of violence who are overseas. Trainees may send messages to the Pathways inbox to receive lists of potential resources and service options.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline is a confidential advocate resource and trainees can call 24/7. 1-800-656-4673 or live chat at

No More is a global directory of resources for people who have experience domestic and sexual violence. They have multiple resources listed for people located in multiple countries, including Kenya.