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Expertise in Alzheimer's Disease

Population Science

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine work to understand the factors that can impact health outcomes for people with Alzheimer’s disease. These health factors can include the health care system, individual behavior, environmental factors, social and economic factors, public policy and genetic determinants of health.

Population scientists at IU School of Medicine lead epidemiological studies to understand the patterns and determinants of Alzheimer’s disease in specific populations, like the African American community.

IU School of Medicine physicians and health services researchers also employ new discoveries in the clinic and evaluate their efficacy. Investigators at the Center for Aging Research develop, test and implement innovative strategies to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and self-care for older adults. Initiatives like the Sandra Eskenazi Center for Brain Care Innovation and the OPTIMISTIC project deliver and evaluate evidence-based models to transform care for patients and caregivers.

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Interview an Alzheimer's Disease Expert

Schedule an interview with an IU School of Medicine faculty member or request materials and resources about Alzheimer’s disease research by contacting the IU School of Medicine media relations team.

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