MD Education Program

Biomedical Engineering and Applied Medical Technology Scholarly Concentration

In the Biomedical Engineering and Applied Medical Technology Scholarly Concentration, medical students develop their understanding and application of biomedical engineering for the ethical design, development and translation of medical and related technologies. Students have opportunities to understand and advance design and translation of medical and related technologies into clinical settings through completion of a scholarly project. This concentration is a partnership with Purdue’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.

Acceptance does not require previous education in engineering. However, the program is targeted to include students with science and engineering backgrounds and interests.

West Lafayette Campus

Medical education in West Lafayette offers small class sizes and close collaboration between students and faculty at an iconic Big Ten campus. Many opportunities exist for medical students to become part of the local medical community.


Andrew O.Brightman, PhD

Andrew O.Brightman, PhD

Assistant Head of Biomedical Engineering
Ray Munguia-Vazquez, MD PhD

Ray Munguia-Vazquez, MD PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology

Sample Project Topics

The nature of the Scholarly Concentration programs allows for students to select project topics based upon their interest and faculty member expertise. Example project topics include:

  • Ethical design and implementation of wearable sensors for opioid use
  • Biomedical engineering of treatments for Parkinson’s disease
  • Clinical translation of a new biomedical diagnostic device for Preeclampsia