MD Education Program

Scholarly Concentrations Program

A Scholarly Concentration is an optional experience that complements the core medical school curriculum and empowers students to delve into topics such as Urban Medicine and Health Care Disparities, Business of Medicine, Public Health, Quality and Innovation in Health Care and more. Students completing a Scholarly Concentration benefit from the school’s statewide network of experts and resources, receive unique mentorship opportunities, develop skills, and complete scholarly projects that are valuable for residency applications and professional development.

Concentration Benefits

Unlike traditional academic certificates and degrees, Scholarly Concentrations do not add time or costs to completing an MD degree. The work required to complete concentrations is manageable, takes advantage of elective time, and is completed during the summer and less intense times in the curriculum. Concentrations are a fantastic way for Indiana University School of Medicine MD students to customize their education and engage in experiences that lead to multidisciplinary scholarship, research and community engagement. Students who successfully complete the requirements for a Scholarly Concentration earn two elective credits toward graduation and a Scholarly Concentration designation, suitable for their curriculum vitae and other professional documentation.

Focused Areas of Study

IU School of Medicine offers a wide range of Scholarly Concentration topics that leverage expertise at each of its nine campuses. Individuals applying to medical school at IU School of Medicine are encouraged to preference regional campuses that host Scholarly Concentrations through the Priority Placement Program.

Scholarly Concentration map with locations and topics

Application Process

Aspiring medical students are encouraged to apply to the Scholarly Concentration of their choice during the admissions process, so they have the best opportunity to match with the campus that hosts their concentration. Students who apply and meet qualifications will be invited to apply for the Scholarly Concentration Priority Placement Program and receive notification of admission to IU School of Medicine in December. Admitted medical students can also apply for available concentrations after matriculating.

Example student journey for Scholarly Concentrations


Students in all concentrations must complete the same core curriculum requirements. The details of the scholarly project and product are dependent on the topic and student interests. Additionally, each topic has topic-specific experiences and coursework requirements.

Students gain firsthand experience by developing and conducting scholarly inquiry appropriate to their concentration. Completion of the project will form the basis of a scholarly concentration product.

A scholarly work product is required, typically a manuscript submitted to a peer-reviewed journal and a poster for presentation. Alternative scholarly products may be discussed with concentrations co-directors and mentors where appropriate.

Each concentration includes two to three additional courses or experiences that empower students to explore their chosen topic.

Students develop fundamental skills in research study design, scientific inquiry and methods, data management, statistical analysis and human subjects research ethics.


No. Scholarly Concentrations are completely optional to students.

No. There are no additional fees or tuition associated with completing a concentration.

Students may only participate in one concentration. In order to have a robust experience, students need to focus their efforts and interests in one concentration.

Yes. Students in dual degree programs can participate if the topic of the dual degree is different than the concentration topic. Students in dual degree programs must still fulfill all Scholarly Concentration requirements.