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Current Students

Asmita Aryal

Entered Fall 2021

Frederick Bauer

Entered Fall 2021

Jonathan Bendinger

Entered Fall 2014

photo of Jany Cabezas

Jany Cabezas

Entered Fall 2019

J.T Cornelius

Entering 2022

Photo of Ben Cundick

Benjamin Cundick

Entered Summer 2020

I am currently looking into research on memory and learning tools designed to help students in medical sciences. My interests are towards graduate/health professional students. I have a background in clinical medicine, I was an optician for five and a half years and spent a year volunteering at the intravenous clinic at Portneuf medical center. I received my bachelors in biomedicine from Idaho State University. I started a clinical doctorate in Optometry at Ohio State University. Before I got too far in the program I realized teaching was my passion, so I transitioned to the education track PhD degree here at IU where I mostly work with undergraduates. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Photo of Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin

Entered Fall 2016

Mentors: Dr. Valerie O'Loughlin and Dr. Polly Husmann

My research interests are focused on understanding the college experiences and academic performance of undergraduate students with ADHD and specific learning disabilities in anatomy and other large introductory STEM courses. I am originally from Melbourne, Australia, and prior to attending IU I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne. During my spare time, I enjoy practicing landscape photography, travelling, hiking, and watching or playing cricket.

Jacques Guillot

Entering 2022

Photo of Danielle Loder

Danielle Loder

Entered Fall 2018

My current research is focused on the relationship between US medical licensure and medical school curriculum. I am originally from central Kansas, and obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Bethany College. During my free time I like to read, cycle, travel, and knit with my husband and our two cats!

Photo of Drew Nichols

Drew Nichols

Entered Fall 2020

My research interests currently center around development of metacognition and study skills for undergraduate STEM students interested in allied health care careers. In addition, I am interested in the integration of Anatomy and Physiology curricula and its impact on student metacognition and study skills. In my free time I enjoy running, basking in the outdoors, birding, and copious amounts of hot java.

Trey Shupp

Entering Fall 2022