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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Education Track in Anatomy PhD Program at IU School of Medicine-Bloomington:

  • Are there opportunities for a waiver of the non-refundable application fee? 
    Yes, you may request a fee waiver for the application through the B1G Academic Alliance. Additional opportunities for application fee waivers may be available through the Indiana University Graduate School. For more information, contact Jackie Breeding.
  • Can I apply online?
    Yes, students apply through the Indiana University Graduate School as described on the Applying for Admission page. 
  • Can I contact individual faculty about the Education Track in Anatomy PhD program if I am interested in their work? 

    Yes! Program faculty are happy to receive emails from prospective trainees and to answer any questions about their research interests or the program in general. However, it is not required to contact faculty prior to application, and prior correspondence with faculty will not influence the admission decision. 

  • Can the IELTS be used in place of the TOEFL?

    Yes, the IELTS can be used in place of the TOEFL. For the IELTS, a score of 7.0 is recommended. 

  • Do I need to know what type of research I want to do when I start?

    No, courses during the first year of the program will give you an opportunity to explore different types of research before you have to select your dissertation project. 

  • Do I need to submit official transcripts with my application?

    No, for the application process you may submit unofficial transcripts. However, if you are chosen for an interview and an offer for admission, the official transcripts will need to be sent before the offer for admission can be made. 

  • Do I need to take the GRE Exam? 

    No, the GRE test is no longer required. 

  • Does the Education Track in Anatomy PhD Program conduct applicant interviews? 


  • Is financial support available? 

    Yes. All students who are admitted typically receive financial support in the form of a teaching assistant (Associate Instructor) position. This position comes with a tuition remission, a competitive stipend, and health insurance. 

  • Is health insurance provided?

    Yes, graduate students are eligible for the Indiana University health insurance.  

  • Is the TOEFL required for international students?

    Yes, the TOEFL exam (or the IELTS exam) is required for international applicants. Please send TOEFL scores to Indiana University Graduate School using code 1324, no department code is required. If the applicant has completed a degree at an institution taught in English AND in a country where the official/primary language is English, this requirement is waived. 

  • What is the application deadline?

    December 1.

  • What is the current stipend?

    The 2022-2023 stipend is $28,350 per year.