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Medical students get the opportunity to work in a wide range of medical research labs on the Bloomington campus throughout the academic year.

Medical Research

Faculty researchers at IU School of Medicine-Bloomington and the Medical Sciences Program are defining human disease on the most basic levels through their work in a wide range of range of important topics—from cell division to clinical therapeutics, including cell-signaling and development, chromatin, epigenetics, the complexities of DNA structure and cancer cell biology. Researchers in Bloomington are supported through access to local administrative and compliance support as well as exceptional research facilities.

Focused Research Strengths

Many faculty collaboratively research areas of cellular medicine, and research facilities at this campus are grouped by focus of work. Medical sciences research strengths at IU School of Medicine-Bloomington include: Basic mechanisms of disease, cancer cell biology, cell signaling and development, epigenetics, genomics and chromatin, and educational research.

Medical Student Research Programs

During the summer following the first year of medical school, students can participate in a ten-week NIH-funded research program sponsored by IU School of Medicine. Participants in the Student Research Program in Academic Medicine program can undertake a research project in the laboratory of a Bloomington campus faculty member.

Stay Informed about IU School of Medicine Medical Research

IU School of Medicine is conducting advanced medical research at its campuses throughout Indiana. In Bloomington, investigators affiliated with the Medical Sciences Program are exploring topics ranging from the basic mechanisms of disease and cancer cell biology to the epigenetic factors affecting the regulation of gene expression.

To keep track of these developments, IU School of Medicine offers a variety of information resources, including the newsroom and a research blog. To hear faculty researchers describe their work in person, plan to attend seminars in Bloomington or the annual meeting of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, featuring presentations and poster sessions from scientists across the state. Find seminars, scientific presentations and other live events on the IU School of Medicine calendar.

Research News

To stay current on the medical research work at IU School of Medicine, follow the IU School of Medicine newsroom and research blog, where investigators throughout the school’s academic departments post updates about their work.