Research in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology focuses on neurological disorders, infectious diseases and alcoholism.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research

Medical scientists working within the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Indiana University School of Medicine put considerable focus on studying the biochemical and molecular basis of cancer, diabetes and obesity, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, cardiovascular malfunctions, and alcoholism—all areas of expertise of IU School of Medicine—and take pride in the extensive research collaborations that occur with the school’s other academic and clinical departments. Most of the faculty are associated with the Indiana Alcohol Research Center, Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Disease, Indiana University Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center and/ or other major research centers at IU School of Medicine.

Areas of faculty research include signal transduction mechanisms, molecular biology, enzyme catalysis, post-transcriptional control and post-translational modification, cell cycle and DNA repair, metabolic regulation, macromolecular structure and function, bioinformatics and computational biology, proteomics and genomics, gene regulation, chemical and structural biology, and high throughput methods for therapeutic discovery.

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Research Facilities

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology faculty benefit from modern research facilities and advanced instrumentation—for microarrays and high-throughput genotyping, X-ray crystallography, chemical genomics, genome sequencing and molecular modeling—and are associated with one or more of the school’s major research centers, including the Indiana Alcohol Research Center, Center for Diabetes Research, Indiana University Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center and Center for Medical Genomics.

Research Service Support

Protemics Core Lab

Center for Proteome Analysis

The Center for Proteome Analysis provides protein and proteomic analysis services for protein identification, characterization, and quantification. The center encourages collaborations that apply the tools of proteomics to cutting-edge biomedical research.
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Chemical Genomics Core Lab

Chemical Genomics Core Lab

The first core facility of its kind to be established in an academic setting in Indiana, the Chemical Genomic Core provides IU School of Medicine with high-throughput screening and medicinal chemistry.
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