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Diversity Programs

Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity at Indiana University School of Medicine offers programs that encourage continued learning and understanding about different cultures, ethnicities and life experiences. The diversity team hosts over 20 unique events year-round to engage faculty, staff and learners in conversations to become better health care professionals. Additionally, departments may request diversity-related workshops to advance the culture of their teams.


Open workshops can be scheduled throughout the academic year in person or remotely. Diversity staff can attend staff meetings and retreats and present one-to-two-hour workshops. These workshops are a great way to help meet diversity plan goals.

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Programs for Learners

At IU School of Medicine, all learners on the path to becoming physicians, scientists and educators in academic medicine can find support at every stage of their training.
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Programs for Faculty

A diverse physician workforce is essential to meet the needs of the rapidly changing demographics of Indiana communities in today’s environment.
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Programs for all Community Members

American English for Internationals

The American English for Internationals program helps medical professionals develop effective communication skills in the context of the American English language and cultural norms and increases awareness among health care providers in the United States about cultural differences in communication to facilitate intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Cultural Awareness Town Hall

The Cultural Awareness Town Hall is a formal speaker series hosted annually to discuss salient issues related to current events and health professions. Previous topics include intellectual disability rights, religion and health care, and addressing bias.

Culture and Conversation

Culture and Conversation is a monthly lunch discussion series for students, faculty and staff across disciplines to engage in conversations about current events and culturally relevant issues. Topics focus on issues regarding representational diversity, an inclusive working and learning environment and cultural competence.

LGBTQ Health Care Conference

The LGBTQ Health Care Conference is a two-day event designed for nurses, physicians, physician assistants, psychologists, speech pathologists, social workers, students, trainees, community members and other allied health providers who seek to understand the unique health considerations and barriers to health care in the LGBTQ population.

Dr. Patricia Treadwell Women of Color in Medicine Lecture

Patricia Treadwell, MD, was the first woman of color women to be a full-time professor for IU School of Medicine. She is a pediatric dermatologist and has a sickle cell clinic where she conducts her research. The Women in Medicine Lecture honors her 40 years of service at IU School of Medicine and features speakers who share their stories and journeys in medicine as women of color.

Stepping Stones of Women in Leadership

Since women in academic medicine tend to have smaller professional networks than male colleagues, and because fewer women than men advance to higher ranks, women have fewer role models of success. At the Stepping Stones of Women in Leadership series, a successful woman in medicine or science is interviewed about the stepping stones that led to her career success.

Science Stories Book Club

This multi-event book club series examines the impact of science and medicine on the lives of diverse figures throughout history.