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Facilities on the West Lafayette campus offer amenities to make it easier for students to complete academic work, manage life tasks and relax.

Medical Student Facilities

The West Lafayette campus provides comfortable facilities and amenities to make it easier for medical students to study, complete academic work, manage everyday life tasks—and relax. Student study and lounge areas make it easy for first- and second-year students to interact on a daily basis. And casual interaction between medical students and other allied health professionals is common in the many shared study and lounge areas in the building. The combination of academic, research and clinical space encourages interprofessional collaboration and reflects current health care practice with a team-based approach to wellness.

Students have full access to printing and faxing resources. Conference rooms are available for videoconferencing, enabling students in West Lafayette to participate in student interest groups or Medical Student Council meetings held on other campuses. Swipe card access to Lyles Porter Hall is available 24/7. Restaurants and banking institutions are located within a few blocks of campus.

Work and Study Space

Lyles Porter Hall offers students a variety of study spaces. In addition to the first- and second- year classrooms, students can also use small group rooms, the computer lab, bio-safety lab, and two furnished lounge areas to study. The building also has three floors with two open lounges on each floor.

A library of required, optional and supplemental textbooks is located in the student lounge for medical students. Journals such as JAMA are also available in the student lounge. Board-review books are available in the main office for checkout. For students doing clerkships in West Lafayette, all textbooks are provided. All medical students also have access to all online resources, such as MedLine and various online textbooks, through the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

Personal Space on Campus

In addition to work and study spaces, medical students in West Lafayette have personal spaces for storing items. All medical students in West Lafayette are assigned lockers for convenient storage of scrubs, books, medical equipment and other valuable items.

Each student is also assigned a locked mailbox for mail. These mailboxes are located in Lyles Porter Hall in the second floor west wing hallway. Packages delivered to students at the West Lafayette campus are held for pick up in the main office. Intracampus mail service is available as well as outgoing mail pick up by the US Postal Service.


Numerous apartments at all price ranges are available throughout the near campus area, in West Lafayette and the neighboring city of Lafayette. Information about on-campus housing for unmarried medical students is available through the University Residencies website.  The Purdue University Dean of Students’ Office maintains a website of available off-campus housing options as well. Please note the dates of availability for housing near the Purdue University Campus may not align with the IU School of Medicine's Academic Calendar. There are many rental options in the area that do align.