Student Research Programs

Indiana University School of Medicine offers many excellent research training and internship programs for high school, pre-med, medical and post-graduate students interested in exploring medical and health-related research work. Many medical students choose to participate in these programs to enrich their training. Research programs are also available to students not currently enrolled at IU School of Medicine. Explore campus-specific research opportunities on the statewide campus pages. Summer and year-long research experiences are also available through the Indiana Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS).

Postdoctoral Training

A broad range of postdoctoral mentoring and training opportunities are available with talented research scientists across IU School of Medicine. For more detailed information, visit the IU School of Medicine Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Specialty-Specific Training

The Comprehensive Training Program in Musculoskeletal Research is administered by IU School of Medicine at the Indianapolis campus, and provides PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and medical students with a rich, diverse, multidisciplinary research-oriented training environment in musculoskeletal biology. The program is designed to equip trainees with the tools and research training needed to move into successful careers as physicians, scientists and engineers who will find new cures, develop new therapeutic treatments, and generate new devices to reduce and/or eliminate musculoskeletal disease. The program is funded by an NIH-sponsored T32 Training Grant, and includes faculty whose research foci span a broad range of topics in musculoskeletal biology.

Other Research Programs

Research programs offered by other organizations can also provide enrichment and experiences that supplement a student’s primary education track. The IUPUI Center for Research and Learning has a variety of research opportunities including undergraduate research programs, diversity research programs and summer research programs.

Summer Programs and Internships

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in the Biomedical Sciences Program is designed for undergraduate students who have completed their freshman or sophomore year of course work with a background in biology, chemistry, physics or biomedical engineering, and are interested in pursuing a doctoral training program in the biomedical sciences. Research areas of study include precision medicine, genomics, bioinformatics, cancer, neuroscience, infectious disease, cell and immunotherapy, musculoskeletal research, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular systems, addiction and more. This 10-week summer experience program provides each participant with a stipend and housing to participants with a permanent address located greater than 30 miles from Indianapolis.

The Diversity Scholars Research Program is aimed at attracting academically talented students pursuing an education in the research setting who will contribute to the diversity of IUPUI. Open to all Indiana high school graduates in the top 25 percent of their graduating class who have at least a 1070 SAT (math and critical reasoning sections only) or 23 ACT score. The program provides free tuition plus book and living stipends each year for four years. Research opportunities are available.

The IU Simon Cancer Center Summer Research Program aims to increase the number of high school and undergraduate students from underrepresented populations pursuing biomedical and behavioral science careers by providing positive and meaningful firsthand exposure to these fields. Selected participants will be paired with a research mentor.  Learn more about the eight-week program.

In this program for high school sophomore, junior and senior students, participants experience the methods scientists use in unlocking and deciphering the molecular, cellular and genetic basis of diseases and processes such as cancer, diabetes, stem cells and angiogenesis. The Molecular Medicine In Action program was developed by IU School of Medicine with the Riley Children’s Foundation, Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Indiana Association of Biology Teachers and the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers to provide high school students an inside view of research and science.

Sponsored by the Central Indiana chapter of the American Chemical Society, Project SEED is an eight-week summer research program that gives high school students the opportunity to explore a career in science and participate in research at businesses and universities. The Indianapolis program began in 1973 at the IU School of Medicine.

The Indiana University Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS) facilitates medical student participation in various medical research and experiential opportunities–ranging from summer programs with IU School of Medicine to year-long opportunities across the world.

The Medical Neuroscience Undergraduate Summer Research Program at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis is administered by the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute. This nine-week program provides a strong foundation for developing and fostering research skills in the field of neuroscience. Basic and translational research specialties of faculty mentors in this program include neuroimmunology, pain and sensor systems, and spinal cord and brain injury along with developmental, affective, mood, movement, neurodegenerative and addictive disorders.

The Undergraduate Research for Prospective Physician-Scientists and Physician-Engineers Program is available for undergraduate students who have completed their freshman or sophomore year with a background in biology, chemistry, physics or engineering and are interested in pursuing an integrated career as a physician-scientist or physician-engineer. Participants receive compensation for ten weeks of summer research.

The Wells Center for Pediatric Research Summer Student Internship Program provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students who are looking to gain hands-on experience in the biomedical science. A long-term goal of the program is to increase the number of medical students and researchers choosing a career in pediatric health research.

The Indiana CTSI Summer Internship Program is a two-month educational program sponsored by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute for high school, undergraduate and medical students interested in assisting faculty members in clinical and laboratory research.

Open to undergraduate sophomore and junior students who are pursuing careers in life and health sciences or thinking about graduate or professional school in these topic areas. The Life-Health Sciences Internships Program connects IUPUI life and health sciences undergraduates with paid research and professional internships on and near the IUPUI campus. This program spans the academic year and matches students with on-campus and campus-affiliated opportunities in research and other professional opportunities. Interns have the opportunity to participate in formal and informal events throughout the year with a final event at the end of the second semester to present project work and findings.

The International Human Cadaver Prosection Program at IU School of Medicine-Northwest-Gary is designed for individuals interested in attending medical school or gaining in-depth training in human anatomy as well as medical students or practicing physicians interested in sharpening anatomy skills that can be applied to their professional practice. Program participants conduct a first-hand advanced dissection of the upper and lower extremities of a human cadaver specimens and benefit from hands-on work in radiology and surgical orthopedics, prosthetics and orthotics.