Indiana University School of Medicine is making a difference for Hoosiers suffering from severe and complex diseases.
Liana Apostolova listens to a patient from her research study

Lifesaving Research Happens Here

Indiana University School of Medicine is making a difference for Hoosiers suffering from severe and complex diseases

At IU School of Medicine, we're focused on some of the toughest diseases facing Hoosiers — Alzheimer’s disease, childhood cancers, multiple myeloma, triple negative breast cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

On any given day, our scientists are leading over 1,600 clinical studies and running countless experiments in the lab.

Hoosiers are at the heart of this research. We are searching for new ways to treat or prevent critical diseases, offering hope to today's patients and making progress for generations to come.

An advocate for research

IU School of Medicine researchers are developing combination therapy for pediatric cancer based on tumor cells donated from Tyler Trent. From a young age, Trent realized the importance of research and encouraged people to get involved.

Research is at the core of everything we do. By discovering new treatments and understanding which ones work best, we can make progress toward future breakthroughs for the people of Indiana and worldwide.

Tatiana Foroud, PhD

Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs

"It's like they're cheering for me."

Mary Estrada started experiencing memory problems when she was in her 50's. Now she's part of the Longitudinal Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease Study (LEADS), led by Liana Apostolova, MD.

While a treatment to delay the disease has not yet been found, IU School of Medicine scientists lead research that makes a difference in Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer's disease research

faith kuntz speaks to dr. David Haas

Faith Kuntz, Gestational Diabetes

Faith Kuntz was glad her doctor tested her for gestational diabetes early when he noticed a significant weight gain during her pregnancy.

nadia miller

Nadia Miller, Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Nadia Miller was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 26. As a result, she came to understand something she did not have to consider before—the importance of breast cancer research. "I am evidence of what research can do."

greg tamer rides his bicycle

Greg Tamer, Multiple Myeloma

Greg Tamer lost his father to multiple myeloma at a young age. Now, research advances allow Greg to live a full life as he faces the same disease.


Make a difference in the health of Hoosiers

Medical research studies help scientists find better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat illnesses. Nearly all medical treatments used today began with research studies.

Volunteer participants are essential to our research studies. You can make a difference in the health of Hoosiers by joining the All IN for Health Volunteer Registry. The registry connects volunteers across Indiana with research studies at Indiana University and our partner institutions. 

Join the All IN for Health volunteer registry

Focused on critical areas of medicine

Faculty at IU School of Medicine are among the nation's top experts in today's greatest health challenges. These critical areas of medicine are particular areas of focus and strength at IU School of Medicine.

Areas of Expertise


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