Indiana University School of Medicine uses iLab as the enterprise-wide core facility management system for all research service cores and shared resources. The migration from Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System (CORES) to iLab started in early 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by December 2020.

iLab is a web-based management service designed to provide a unique platform for core facilities to efficiently support the management of service requests, equipment scheduling, project tracking, communication, billing, and reporting. Another benefit of iLab is the ability for the research community to access core facilities through one centralized portal that is easy to navigate and is accessible from anywhere investigators work.

iLab FAQs

Access iLab

Log in to iLab to request services, reserve equipment or monitor the status of a project.

Log in to iLab

Benefits of iLab

  • iLab provides unlimited support directly to end users.
  • PI’s and financial managers can easily manage what budgets their lab members have access to.
  • Users can easily track the status of service requests orders and reserve time on instrumentation.
  • Billing is automatic and is integrated with the reservation/usage tracking system giving real-time usage metrics and budgeting capabilities.
  • Safeguards prevent users from reserving time on (or using) equipment that requires training.

Contact for questions related to registration and billing.

Need iLab support?

Visit the iLab Help Site to find information on all aspects of the iLab system, or contact iLab support at 1-800-690-2957.

iLab Help Site