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The lab of Chandy John, MD focus of research is on malaria, one of the leading causes of death and long-term morbidity in children under five years of age worldwide. Studies focus on malaria pathogenesis, immunology and epidemiology; the relationships between infection, nutrition and neurodevelopment; and infections in children with sickle cell anemia. Dr. John conducts studies in medical research facilities at Indiana University School of Medicine in the United States as well as at Makerere University in Uganda and the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Kenya.

Active Research

Award Number: R01 NS055349
Funding Agency: NINDS
PI: Chandy John; Site PI: Paul Bangirana; Co-investigators: Andrea Conroy, Dibyadyuti Datta, Wanzhu Tu, Robert Opoka, Richard Idro, Ruth Namazzi, Bjarne Robberstad, Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Noeline Nakasujja
Dates: 02/01/19 – 01/31/24
Sites: Kampala and Jinja, Uganda
Goal: This study aims to 1) establish the duration and age- specific manifestations of neurobehavioral sequelae of severe malaria from childhood to early adulthood, 2) determine the functional and economic costs of neurobehavioral sequelae of severe malaria, and 3) identify the metabolic, immunologic and parasitic factors predictive of long-term neurobehavioral and functional impairment after severe malaria.

Award Number: R01 HD086124
Funding Agency: NICHD
PI: Chandy John; Site PI: Paul Bangirana; Co-investigators: Robert Opoka, Maria Kroupina, Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Sarah Cusick, Michael Georgeff, Grant Dorsey
Dates: 01/01/16 – 12/31/20
Sites: Tororo, Uganda
Goal: The goals of this study are to determine the effect of malaria prevention in pregnant women and their children on child neurodevelopment (ND) and to identify the major mechanisms by which malaria prevention in pregnant women and children affects child ND.

Award Number: 17-A33
Funding Agency: Riley Children’s Foundation
PI: Chandy John; Co-investigators: Lindsey Turnbull, George Ayodo, Stephen Munga
Dates: 01/01/15 – 12/31/20
Sites: Kisumu and North Nandi County, Kenya
Goal: The goal of this study is to understand how changes in malaria transmission, and particularly a sharp decrease in malaria transmission, affects immune responses to malaria, and to assess whether a decrease in specific responses may lead to increased future susceptibility to malaria.

Award Number: N/A
Funding Agency: Indiana CTSI
PI: Neil Lobo; Co-PI: Chandy John; Co-investigators: Lindsey Turnbull, George Ayodo, Stephen Munga
Dates: 04/01/19 – 03/31/20
Sites: Kipsamoite and Kapsisiywa, Kenya
Goal: The primary objective of this study is to accurately understand the species composition and binomic characteristics (feeding and resting behaviors – as they relate to both interventions in use as well as human behaviors) of Anopheles vectors in the Kenyan Highlands towards developing and optimizing intervention strategies.

Award Number: ES529474
Funding Agency: Research Agency of Norway
PI: Kamija Phiri; Co-investigator: Chandy John
Dates: 09/01/14 – 09/01/19
Sites: Malawi, Uganda and Kenya
Goal: The major goal of this project is to determine if malaria chemoprevention for a 3-month period decreases rates of readmission and death in children with severe anemia.

Award Number: DDICRA 2016156
Funding Agency: Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
PI: Chandy John; Co-investigators: Russell Ware, Robert Opoka, Philip Kasirye, Heather Hume, Christopher Ndugwa
Dates: 09/15/16 – 03/14/20
Site: Kampala, Uganda
Goal: The major goal of this study is to determine whether fixed dose or maximum tolerated dose hydroxyurea is most safe and effective in the treatment of Ugandan children with sickle cell anemia who live in a malaria endemic area.

Award Number: N/A
Funding Agency: Thrasher Foundation
PIs: Chandy John and Robert Opoka; Co-investigators: Russell Ware, Ruth Namazzi, Abner Tagoola, Dibyadyuti Datta, Andrea Conroy, Heather Hume
Dates: 11/01/17 – 10/31/20
Site: Jinja, Uganda
Goal: The study seeks to determine if zinc supplementation reduces severe or invasive infections in Ugandan children 1.00-4.99 years of age with sickle cell anemia.

Award Number: D43 NS078280
PI: Chandy John
Funding Agency: NINDS/Fogarty International Center
Dates: 08/01/11 – 07/31/16
Site: Kampala, Uganda
Goal: This grant provides doctoral level training for students in neuropsychology, immunology, biostatistics, and epidemiology, Masters in Medicine training for pediatric and internal medicine residency, and training in mentorship for faculty members at Makerere University.

Recent Publications

Dr. John’s publications and research information are available at Google Scholar and Research Grants and Publications.

Research Team

Chandy C. John, MD,  MS

Chandy C. John, MD, MS

Ryan White Professor of Pediatrics
Dibyadyuti Datta, MS,  PhD

Dibyadyuti Datta, MS, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Pediatrics
Andrea Conroy, PhD

Andrea Conroy, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Additional Research Team Members

Research team members at the IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis campus include Lindsey Turnbull (Postdoctoral Fellow), Giselle Lima-Cooper (Postdoctoral Fellow), Samina Bhumbra (Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellow), Katrina Co (Lab Manager), Travis Putzke (Research Technician), Tyler DiMario (Lab Technician), Adnan Gopinadhan (PhD Student), Elizabeth Fernander (MD/PhD Student), Eliud Odhiambo (PhD Student), and undergraduate students Deepali Balasubramani, Alejandro Soto, and Kavitha Udumula. The John Lab also has labs and lab team members in Uganda and Kenya.