Preparing the healers of tomorrow

The promise of better health is at the root of our work. Our donors believe in this mission and have created scholarships that open doors of opportunity, lower student debt and recruit the highest caliber students to train here in Indiana.

In easing some financial strain, scholarships lift a weight from students, freeing them to lead healthy, joy-filled lives and find purpose in work, play, family and more. That is a gift beyond measure, not only for the scholarship recipients, but also for the patients who will one day benefit from their care. 

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two students at the muncie campus listen intently during a classroom lecture

What scholarships make possible

jayla french stands outside for a photo. she has long dark braids and is wearing a white sweater

“Because of my scholarship support, I can focus my time and energy on finding a specialty that I am truly passionate about rather than picking one that pays off loans the quickest. This will help me avoid burnout and provide high quality care.”

Jayla French, MSIII

portrait of aaron webb

“Scholarship support helps ease the anxiety that comes with trying to pay for school. Easing that burden helps me focus more on my studies and on being a part of my community as opposed to trying to find ways to offset those costs with extra jobs.”

Aaron Webb, MSIV

portrait of keeley newsom

“I got to explore the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery through away rotations at three programs across the country. Scholarship support enabled my housing and travel to rotations at Harvard University, University of Washington and University of Colorado.”

Keeley Newsom, MD, Class of 2023

Our donors step up to the challenge

The success of students at IU School of Medicine is challenged by rising costs and looming student debt upon graduation. In the 2022-2023 academic year, the annual tuition for an in-state student at IU School of Medicine was $37,088. The Class of 2023 had an average indebtedness of nearly $205,000. When School of Medicine leadership identified this as an obstacle for medical students, our donors took it head on.

65 new scholarship funds since 2018
430 total scholarship funds
598 students supported by scholarships
$9 million+ awarded in 2022-2023

Support leads to student success

Scholarship support encourages our future physicians to follow their hearts by granting them the flexibility to pursue the specialty that suits them best. It also creates the space for students to prioritize their studies and their wellness while having other impactful learning experiences. For IU School of Medicine, this all translates to student success, and the numbers speak for themselves.

Recent News
a student smiles and holds up her match day sign on stage. emily walvoord celebrates with her arms in the air in the background.

IU School of Medicine celebrates Match Day 2024

The Indiana University School of Medicine is celebrating a successful Match Day for 338 fourth-year medical students who will soon begin their residency training.

IU School of Medicine  |  Mar 15, 2024

a family photo of Rodolfo with his partner and son

Meet the Diversity Recruitment Scholar

Rodolfo Gonzalez, MSIII, South Bend Campus

“The honor of receiving the Diversity Recruitment Scholarship has been humbling and has encouraged me to keep working hard to succeed in becoming a physician who fosters healthier communities. It also allowed me to choose my campus at IU School of Medicine. My family and I did not have to move for me to go to school. That meant keeping connected with my wife's family, our church, and the friends we have gained in Goshen, Indiana. All of this has been important to me because my wife and I have relied on each other and our community in times of need. The financial support of this scholarship is very helpful too. It gives me peace of mind to know that my student debt will be lower than I anticipated. This is especially important when our family budget includes consideration of our son's future as well. IU School of Medicine was my top choice when applying to medical schools. The scholarship not only solidified my decision to attend here but set me up to succeed in this rigorous program.”

Will Schneider, MSII, left a career in the investment industry to follow his calling to be a physician. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the recipient of the Class of 1961 Legacy Scholarship and the Leon E. Kinasiewicz, MD and Kashiko Kinasiewicz Family Scholarship.

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