Our Donors are the Difference

Our IU School of Medicine donors are our champions. They are a source of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment to prepare compassionate healers and pursue bold research that transforms health. Our donors are the fuel that makes better health a reality for Hoosiers and patients everywhere.

Generosity–at all levels–is what makes our mission come alive.

Our donors’ support of our students goes beyond making medical school more affordable. It recruits and rewards the physicians who will go on to serve thousands of patients–patients that are our friends, family, and neighbors.

Our donors drive innovation and groundbreaking research. Generosity nurtures bold ideas in the earliest stages of development, which then helps us reimagine how we prevent, detect, and cure debilitating diseases.

Our Donors Enable Better Health in Every Community

It sounds so simple: Better health starts with seeing a doctor.

That goal is at the root of our work. Almost half of Indiana’s physicians received some or all their training at the School of Medicine’s network of nine campuses across the state. Still, we know our rural communities and urban pockets don’t always have enough physicians. To overcome this and bring healers to every Hoosier, we’ve expanded enrollment on our regional campuses and grown residency programs that play a role in where physicians ultimately choose to work.

Our donors have believed in this mission and created scholarships that open doors of opportunity, lower student debt, and recruit the highest caliber students to train here in Indiana. In easing some financial strain, our donors encourage our future physicians to follow their hearts by granting them the flexibility to pursue the specialty that suits them best, including those in primary care.

Generosity towards scholarships is about more than dollars and cents. It makes a career in medicine achievable. It ensures another stellar healer provides care. And it helps every community enjoy the promise of better health.

1,438 Students enrolled in IU School of Medicine
9.5 Percentage of Student Need Met
34 Percentage of students receiving aid

Our Donors Make Improved Care A Reality

Revolutionizing medicine starts in many ways. The support of our donors makes progress happen at IU School of Medicine, whether it’s by expanding existing ideas or pursuing a bold idea in a new direction.

Each gift to research can serve as seed funding for a talented researcher exploring a potential breakthrough. In this way, donors provide resources for them to gather data that can win a significant grant. That grant can lead to a clinical trial. And from that trial, a new way to unmask disease, treat it and cure patients.

Our donors have paved the way for innovation that enabled IU School of Medicine to double its funding from the NIH over the last decade. Together, we will bring better care to patients everywhere.

$217 million NIH funding awarded in fiscal 2021
263 Clinical trials taking place at IU School of Medicine
2,817 Jobs supported in Indiana with NIH funding

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