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Advancing health equity research

The Health Equity Advancing through Learning health systems Research (HEAL-R) Collaborative works to bring equity research to health care delivery.

HEAL-R is a partnership between IU School of Medicine, IU Health’s Office of Health Equity Research and Engagement (HERE), the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI), the Regenstrief Institute and the Irsay Institute at Indiana University Bloomington.

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Our Pillars

HEAL-R aims to achieve our mission by focusing on four key pillars.

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Funding data-informed and patient-engaged health equity focused research that will lead to equitable health care outcomes for all.

Icon of a network web with a person in the center Supporting and nurturing health equity investigators by providing infrastructure for professional development, education, mentorship and execution of research.

icon of an atom inside a person's head Innovating health care delivery to eliminate inequities by directly addressing social and structural disparities.

icon of knowledge flowing from computer to cloud Expanding our impact by seeking external funding opportunities that align with our mission and research priorities.

Featured Scholars

portrait of hank green

Hank Green, PhD

Associate Professor
Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington

Green recently received funding from HEAL-R for a two-year equity research grant proposal entitled "Person to Person (P2P) Indiana Public Health Challenges & State Interventions Coding Project." 

The project aims to provide a broad, representative health survey specifically for the state residents of Indiana and identify key critical issues to spark needed areas for positive transformation.

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5241-Kara, Areeba

Areeba Kara, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

A recent study by Kara investigated discharges against medical advice (DAMA) within a large health system, analyzing data from five hospitals between 2016 and 2021, with a detailed review of DAMA cases at an academic site. The results indicated an increase in DAMA at the onset of the pandemic, with patients discharging AMA multiple times constituting a significant portion. Black patients were overrepresented among DAMA cases, and those with multiple AMA discharges were younger, more likely to be unmarried, or have substance use disorders. The study suggests the need for multi-level strategies to address DAMA, considering both patient-level characteristics and systemic factors contributing to premature discharges.

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Recent News

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Indiana Health

2023 HEAL-R Symposium: From Analysis to Action

The HEAL-R Symposium highlighted the advancement of health equity through learning health systems (LHS) research.

HEAL-R Collaborative  |  Jan 11, 2024

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