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Expertise in Indiana Health


PoliciesThe Neurodevelopmental Behavioral System of Care builds a research forum to collaborate and encourage idea development and further studies. The system utilizes implementation science and quality improvement methodology to track data ultimately for sharing of best practices.

Primary-Tertiary Care Integration

The Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Advance Care for Children with Medical Complexity and Indiana Medicaid OMPP funds work by Mary R. Ciccarelli, MD, to test a care coordination model. Using a primary-tertiary care integration system design, care coordinators institute family-centered shared plans of care designed to better meet the needs of 300 children with complex health issues.

Diagnostic Agreement

Rebecca McNally Keehn, PhD, received a pilot project award through the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute in 2018, in collaboration with Nancy L. Swigonski, MD, to collect data from a small sample of children receiving diagnostic evaluation in the Early Evaluation Hub system. This initiative evaluates the diagnostic agreement between the Early Evaluation Hubs and independent expert neurodevelopmental specialists.

Access to Timely, Local Care

Research led by Rebecca McNally Keehn, PhD, aims to improve access to timely, local care, with the ultimate goal of reducing the age of neurodevelopmental diagnosis, ameliorating sociocultural barriers to care, and allowing earlier entry into evidence-based interventions for Indiana’s young children.