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Integrative Medicine


At Indiana University School of Medicine, integrative medicine curriculum is offered to medical students and graduate medical trainees through electives and subspecialty tracks.

Medical Student Education

Integrative Medicine Elective

In this elective based at the IU School of Medicine—Fort Wayne, medical students see patients in the office under the supervision of board certified integrative medicine physicians.

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Mind-Body Medicine Elective

The Mind-Body Medicine course aims to proactively attend to the mental and emotional health needs of medical students through exploration and teaching of self-awareness and mindfulness skills. By developing these skills, students will be better prepared to practice preventative self-care and self-awareness, ultimately improving overall well-being, stress management and empathy. During each session, students will be introduced to a new mind-body skill and have the opportunity to practice and learn the theory behind its practice.

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students work together in fort wayne

Religion and Spirituality Scholarly Concentration

In the Religion and Spirituality Scholarly Concentration, medical students are introduced to major spiritual traditions, spiritual concepts in health and the ways they interact. Course sessions will be led by a spiritually diverse faculty, with discussion of spiritual traditions preferentially led by leaders within those traditions.

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Graduate Medical Education
a hand applying acupuncture needles to someone's back

Acupuncture training in the Family Medicine Residency

Established in 2023, the Acupuncture Clinic offers acupuncture as a treatment modality for pain management to our patients. Family medicine residents in the Chronic Pain Opioid Use Disorder Track have the opportunity to learn basic acupuncture protocols and get an introduction to acupuncture as part of their training.

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