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Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)

A joint venture of IU School of Medicine and Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University, the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at IU School of Medicine—Indianapolis is a dual degree program (MD/PhD) that integrates state-of-the-art clinical medical training with cutting-edge biomedical research.

In this highly selective program, MSTP students are provided with strong mentorship, an incredible breadth of research opportunities and a unique curriculum. The program is designed to help learners gain insight to the molecular pathogenesis of disease with the goal of developing therapies through strong clinical acumen and knowledge of the basic sciences.

Academic programs span from the traditional sciences of anatomy and cell biology to next-generation programs in biomedical engineering, medical biophysics and medical neurobiology. Learners receive guidance throughout the program from nationally recognized experts in one of the most prestigious programs in the Midwest.

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MSTP Featured News

Medical training gauntlet leads student to St. Louis

After eight years in the medical scientist training program, few students look forward to Match Day more than MD/PhD graduates. Learn more about Stefan Tarnawsky, class of 2019, and his journey toward becoming a physician scientist.

Outstanding Research Facilities

Students in the Medical Scientist Training Program train in modern facilities that offer the resources needed to succeed as a future physician-scientist.

Residency Placement of MD-PhD Graduates

Graduates of the IU School of Medicine Medical Scientist Training Program place in the most competitive residencies throughout the United States. The placement results for the MD/PhD program over the past seven years is available.

Radiation Oncology: University of Michigan
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: University of Pittsburgh
Psychiatry: Indiana University
Neurology: Mayo Clinic
Physician-Scientist Training Program: Washington University St. Louis
Physician-Scientist Training Program: Emory University

Pathology: Johns Hopkins University
Radiology: Indiana University
Radiology: University of Colorado

Neurology: Indiana University School of Medicine
Dermatology: University of Alabama-Birmingham
Psychiatry: Indiana University School of Medicine
Otolaryngology: University of Michigan
Dermatology: Yale University
Pediatric Neurology: Baylor University
Radiology: Indiana University School of Medicine
Neurology: Cornell University

Vascular Surgery: Washington University St. Louis
Ophthalmology: University of Pittsburgh
Family Medicine: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Pediatrics: Indiana University

Physician-Scientist Training Program: University of Utah
Neurosurgery: Indiana University School of Medicine
Internal Medicine: Indiana University School of Medicine
Neurology: Mayo Clinic
Pediatrics: Indiana University School of Medicine

Emergency Medicine: Rutgers, New Jersey
Psychiatry: Indiana University School of Medicine
Neurology: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis
Psychiatry: Indiana University School of Medicine
Dermatology: Pennsylvania State

Pediatric: Children’s Hospital, Boston
Family Medicine: University of Florida-COM
Dermatology: University Medical Ctr., Chicago
OB/GYN: Ohio State University
Dermatology: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis