IU researchers won't rest until the testicular cancer survival rate is 100 percent.
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Testicular Cancer Research

Four decades ago, a man diagnosed with testicular cancer had a survival rate of just 5 percent. Today, that number is 95 percent.

The tables turned on testicular cancer thanks to a chemotherapy regimen developed by IU School of Medicine’s Larry Einhorn, MD. Today, hundreds of thousands of men around the world are alive because of this treatment protocol.

For these survivors, IU research has led to the gift of a long life. But the IU team still isn’t satisfied. They continue to chip away at the survival rate, finding ways to save men who do not respond to initial therapies. For example, our researchers are collaborating with bioengineers on a compound to signal the immune system to attack testis cancer cells.

IU researchers are also focused on reducing the “cost of the cure” – the long-term side effects that sometimes come with treatment. We lead a global team of researchers looking to reduce the toll of treatment, including tinnitus, hearing loss, cardiovascular issues, and numbness in extremities. 

You can help us achieve these goals. IU remains the international leader in testis cancer research and care, drawing patients from Indiana and around the world. With your support, we will have more answers waiting for them.

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Larry Einhorn: The Breakthrough, The Cure, The Vision, The Legacy, The Teacher

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Testicular Cancer Research

Nabil Adra, MD, MSc, assistant professor of clinical medicine, shares the goals and importance of testicular cancer research conducted at Indiana University.

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