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Obeid Lab

The laboratory of Makram Obeid, MD investigates the mechanisms of epileptogenesis in immature animal seizure models. The primary goal is to identify molecular targets for novel treatment strategies that can prevent seizures and the accompanying neurodevelopmental behavioral deficits. Conditions studied in our laboratory using age-tailored animal models include hypoxic seizures in rodent pups, and limbic status epilepticus and post-traumatic epilepsy in peri-adolescent rodents.

Our laboratory employs a variety of electrophysiological, behavioral, and molecular techniques to answer research questions. Commonly performed research techniques include continuous long-term EEG recordings in our rodent epilepsy monitoring unit, behavioral testing, and histological studies. To investigate cognitive and emotional neurodevelopmental deficits, we heavily rely on behavioral tests such as contextual and auditory instrumental two-way active avoidance, the Morris water maze, the open field and forced swim tests. 

rodent epilepsy monitoring unit and results

Research Team

Our diverse laboratory team welcomes interested students and researchers from all backgrounds to contribute to our research efforts, enjoy discovery, learn and grow in a collegial and friendly environment.


principal investigator
62378-Obeid, Makram

Makram Obeid, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology

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Find our research publications via the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health on PubMed.