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Hato Lab

Hato Lab StaffThe long-term goal of the Hato Laboratory is to develop targeted therapies for acute kidney injury in sepsis. Sepsis-induced kidney injury is associated with high mortality and there is no specific therapy that can be offered at the bedside beyond supportive care. The lack of therapeutic options is due in part to incomplete understanding of the temporal evolution of sepsis pathology.

Their ongoing research focuses on defining the timeline of sepsis-induced kidney injury using a combination of imaging and sequencing tools. In particular, the investigators in the laboratory are interested in understanding the molecular link between the early phase inflammation and late phase organ shutdown. In parallel, the laboratory seeks to develop novel therapeutic approaches. For example, they have recently reported the first example of protein cage nanoparticle that can be targeted to renal proximal tubules through glomerular filtration.

Complete List of Published Work in Pubmed:

Principal Investigator

5452-Hato, Takashi

Takashi Hato, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

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Research Team


Jered Myslinski, MS

Thomas McCarthy, PhD

Amy Zollman, RVT, LATg

Ashley Kidwell, (MD PhD candidate, Texas A&M University)

Lab Resources

We support open science and reproducible research practices. We provide our codes and interactive datasets through the following links.
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