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Alumni of the Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology have gone on to build successful careers throughout the country in academia, fellowship opportunities, or private practice. Meet our graduates from our residency program.

  • Class of 2021

    Lauren Aberegg, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

    Dylan Greeney, Deaconess Health, Evansville, IN

    Michael Huang, University of Michigan Derm-Path Fellow, Ann Abor, MI

    Whitney Vinson, Ada West Dermatology, Boise, ID

  • Class of 2020

    Candace Broussard, Private practice, Bloomington, IN

    Kyle Burton, Private practice, Cincinnati, OH

    Daniel Grove, Pediatric dermatology fellowship, Indianapolis, IN (IU)

    Kathleen Hanover, Private practice, Indianapolis, IN

    Michael Isaacs, Private practice, Indianapolis, IN

  • Class of 2019

    Kiera Booth, Private practice, West Chester, PA

    Kate Hrynewycz, IU School of Medicine Faculty, Indianapolis, IN

    Matt Reedy, Private practice, Medina, OH

    Kaitlin Schiavo, Started own practice, Columbia, MO

  • Class of 2018

    Jordan Heskett, Private practice & Volunteer Faculty, Columbus, IN

    Prasanthi Kandula, Private practice, Boston, MA

    Nikolajs Perdue, Private practice & Volunteer Faculty, Indianapolis, IN

    Elizabeth Rancour, Private practice, St. Louis, MO

  • Class of 2017

    Juliana Gilbert, Private practice, Bowling Green, KY

    Matt Strausburg, Private practice,  Indianapolis, IN

    Chase Wilson, Started own practice, Georgetown, KY

    Jay Wolverton, IU School of Medicine Faculty, Indianapolis, IN

  • Class of 2016

    Mo Aouthmany Private practice, Chicago, IL

    Jennifer Croix, Private practice, Chicago, IL

    Sarah Skillman, IU School of Medicine Faculty, Indianapolis, IN

    Vindhya Veerula, Started own practice, Fort Wayne, IN

  • Class of 2015

    Raven Elosiebo, Private practice, Atlanta, GA

    Navid Ezra, Started own practice, Thousand Oaks, CA

    George Magel, Private practice, Hickory, NC

    Diane Turvy, IU School of Medicine Faculty, Indianapolis, IN