during the white coat ceremony, a mother slides a new white coat over her daughters shoulders

Building a Family Legacy

Medicine evolves but a medical school's core mission remains the same: train physicians. 

That sense of purpose has guided Indiana University School of Medicine for more than a century. Today, more than 23,000 physicians and scientists call themselves IU alumni. They work in every corner of the state and worldwide to transform health.

Some—only a few hundred—come from a lineage of healing, with multiple graduates in their family tree. 

Each graduate is unique, but they all share an abiding commitment to caring for others, improving care, and serving their friends and neighbors. 

If you count yourself among those families, we hope your common heritage leads you to support a common cause: investing in the School of Medicine's development by supporting its new medical education building and research tower.

a father rests his hands on his son's shoulders during match day

What is the opportunity?

We're seeking philanthropic support from families like yours with strong connections to the school. 

By coming together, you can name selected spaces within the new building. All of them will play vital roles in training future generations of physicians and facilitating research that enhances treatment for debilitating diseases. 

Many are spaces where small groups of students and faculty can come together, such as debriefing rooms used after simulations, or faculty huddle areas that can host interdisciplinary research teams. 

When your family provides support, you create an environment where students benefit from personal instruction and scientists can flesh out bold ideas. Your generosity will help make the building a place that changes medicine, enhances care, and save lives.

How can you help?

Like many alumni and families, you may already contribute to our mission at IU School of Medicine. For that, we are deeply grateful. 

To help gauge whether this opportunity is the right fit, Sam Kinder is happy to help. He is working with families seeking to enhance their legacy and name selected spaces in the building. He's eager to work with you and answer any questions you might have. Please reach out at kindersm@iu.edu.