40812-Roseberry, Kyle

Kyle Roseberry, MD

Psychiatry, PGY 2
Indiana University School of Medicine

355 W. 16th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202


Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Interests: Suicide awareness and prevention, psychosis, and research in biomarkers of various psychiatric illnesses. I also enjoy building computers, my Nintendo Switch, kayaking at Eagle Creek,  arcades, and playing with my cat (Arya) and dog (Scout).
Why I chose IU Psychiatry Residency: I chose IU because as an alum I had many opportunities to work with various staff that make up the IU psychiatry faculty. I never had a bad experience with anyone, and felt that they all worked hard to provide both independence and education to the residents that I was working with. Thus I knew going to IU would allow me to grow as a future psychiatrist. Additionally the various hospitals and clinical settings that we work at allows for seeing a large variety of patients both in terms of demographics as well as in terms of psychiatric conditions. Thus far I have seen both the common "bread and butter" psychiatry cases as well as very unique/interesting cases that have allowed me to improve as a psychiatrist. Finally, in my interview, I saw how friendly all of the current residents were at the time and the sense of community they had both with each other as well as with many of the staff that they worked with. I knew that when challenges arose during residency, I would be able to turn to my fellow and senior residents, as well as faculty, for advice and guidance.


Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2019 MD Indiana University School of Medicine

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