Financial Support

IU School of Medicine provides grant support and travel awards to qualified postdoctoral scholars.

Grant Support

The IU School of Medicine Graduate Division offers grant support to principal investigators (PI) with submission of training grants by maintaining a master list of all NIH and IU School of Medicine training grants and tracking the progress of former trainees; compiling information required for application tables; identifying key information for a school-wide training grant database; and coordinating an annual update of Resources and Environment text. The Graduate Division also assists both PIs and DMGA with the completion of the GSS NIH/NSF survey.

Requests for assistance with training grant tables should include at least two months lead time (prior to the training grant due date). Information to be sent in for the request include: training grant due date, name of PI and title of the grant being submitted, what data tables need to be completed and the date for completion and, most importantly, a list of faculty and their departments for those participating on the grant along with a list of current pre- and post-docs; and the contact person for the grant. Requests should also include a meeting time to discuss the details of the training grant.

Travel Awards

Travel grants are available to IU School of Medicine postdoctoral trainees who are designated in the IUIE system as a postdoctoral trainee (AC1 or FLP designation). Postdoctoral trainees who DO NOT qualify for this award include those with Research Associate, Visiting Scholar, Assistant Research Professor titles and any other postdoctoral designation not identified above. Prior awardees from the previous award cycle (Nov, April) are also prohibited from applying for the next years’ award cycle (Nov, April).

Application Process

To apply, interested applicants must submit a completed Application Form. Contact information for the applicant as well as his/ her mentor and HR/Departmental Administrator are required. Applicants must also submit a scientific abstract, a lay abstract, a significance statement, conference details—all signed with the applicant’s digital signature. A scanned and submitted Faculty Mentor Acknowledgement Form must include necessary signatures.

Applications to cover a conference to be attended between December 1 and May 31 must be submitted by the second Monday in November by 5 pm EST. Applications to cover a conference to be attended between June 1 and November 3 must be submitted by the first Monday in May by 5 pm EST.

Expectations of Awardees

In addition to the requirement of using the grant award to cover expenses related to a presentation, awardees are expected to:

  • Give their presentation to other postdoctoral scholars and other attendees at a monthly Postdoc Live seminar
  • Serve on the Travel Grant selection committee for the following year

Applicants can contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for additional information.