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Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Auditory Perception and Deafness

Zhao Lab

PI: Bo Zhao, PhD

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss. It is most often caused by defects in cochlear hair cells, the primary sensors for sound that convert mechanical sound stimuli into electrical signals that are transmitted to the nervous system. Approximately 135 genetic loci have been linked to hearing loss, and about 60 affected genes have been identified. However, the physiological functions of these genes are not well-studied. The Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Auditory Perception and Deafness is finding the ability to illustrate the functions of these genes – and discover new ones – that could provide fresh leads for developing novel treatments for some forms of hearing loss.

Bo Zhao, PhD, recently collected cochlear cell tissue to construct libraries for yeast two-hybrid screening and examine interactions between proteins. In previous studies, Zhao has successfully used these libraries to illustrate the functions of two deafness proteins linked to hearing loss. Continued work aims to reveal the functions of other deafness-related genes and uncover other genes linked to hearing loss. The Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Auditory Perception and Deafness is a part of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

Active Grants

NIH R01, Functions of Fam65b protein complex at the basal stereocilia in hearing and deafness, 07/01/2018 – 06/30/2023

Showalter Young Investigator Award, 07/01/2018 – 06/30/2019

Selected Publications

Cunningham CL, Wu Z, Jafari A, Zhao B, Schrode K, Harkins-Perry S, Lauer A, Müller U. “The murine catecholamine methyltransferase mTOMT is essential for mechanotransduction by cochlear hair cells.” eLife. 2017 May 15;6. PMID: 28504928

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Morgan CP*, Krey JF*, Grati M, Zhao B, Fallen S, Kannan-Sundhari A, Liu XZ, Choi D, Müller U, and Barr-Gillespie PG. “PDZD7-MYO7A complex identified in enriched stereocilia membranes.” eLife. 2016 Aug 15;5. PMID 27525485

Zhao B*, Wu Z, Müller U. “Murine Fam65b forms ring-like structures at the base of stereocilia critical for mechanosensory hair cell function.” eLife. 2016 June 8;5. PMID: 27269051

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Zhao B*, Wu Z, Grillet N, Yan L, Xiong W, Harkins-Perry S, Müller U. “TMIE is an essential component of the mechanotransduction machinery of cochlear hair cells.” Neuron. 2014 Dec 3;84(5):954-67. PMID: 25467981

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Research Team

Bo Zhao, PhD

Bo Zhao, PhD

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

Additional Lab Members

Additional lab members include Chang Liu, PhD (postdoctoral fellow), Na Luo, PhD (research associate) and Linette Staley (grant coordinator).