Faculty Research Labs

Mendonca Lab

Marc S. Mendonca, PhD, an internationally known researcher with extensive expertise in X-ray and proton radiation biology related to the clinical uses of radiation, leads this lab.

Active Research

Mendonca’s research investigations are focused on gaining a better understanding of radiation’s ability to both heal and harm. His research can be generally separated into two main areas: 1) Understanding the mechanism of radiation-induced cancer and its prevention by natural antioxidants, and 2) Increasing the effectiveness of radiation as a treatment for lung and pancreatic cancers by biological (alteration of NF-B activity and Warburg metabolism) and physical approaches (protons and nanoparticles) to improve tumor control and minimize damage to normal tissues.

Faculty Research Team

Marc S. Mendonca, PhD

Marc S. Mendonca, PhD

Professor of Radiation Oncology