building that houses the stone center for child and adolescent psychiatry

Mary O’Daniel Stone and Bill Stone Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

at IU School of Medicine–Evansville

The Mary O’Daniel Stone and Bill Stone Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at IU School of Medicine–Evansville seeks to fundamentally alter and improve the standard of care for people with bipolar disorder, and dramatically increase access to psychiatric care for the children and adolescent youth of southwestern Indiana.

The Stone Center positions Evansville as a leader in the Midwest for psychiatric research and care for children and adolescents. Southwestern Indiana will serve as a hub for new medical tech industry to develop big data solutions that can change millions of lives.

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Advancing Mental Health Care for Hoosiers


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Improving access to care

The Stone Center includes three new endowed chairs for patient-facing psychiatrists specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry and has a fund to support six additional child and adolescent psychiatry fellowships. This will be a dramatic infusion of patient care for southwestern Indiana, where several counties have no such providers. Even in Evansville, this will double the number of child psychiatrists, thus improving access, enabling earlier diagnosis, and starting children sooner on a path to better health.

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Unlocking the secrets of bipolar and other mood disorders

The Stone Center will catalyze innovative therapies that alter and advance the treatment of bipolar disorder through a dramatically expanded research team and first-of-its-kind data lake. Physician-scientists in psychiatry conduct research at the Stone Center, with a focus on bipolar and other mood disorders. Their work builds on the existing strength in neurosciences at IU School of Medicine, harnessing tools and expertise in the areas of genetic analysis, animal modeling and imaging, biological sampling, drug development, and data analysis. 

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Boosting Evansville's economy

The Stone Center will create the first real-world, real-time database on the treatment of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. Beyond its importance to patients and potential to change psychiatric medicine, the data lake will have tremendous economic benefits for Evansville and southwestern Indiana. This unique asset will attract talented researchers and investment capital to Evansville, making the region a national hub for research in child and psychiatric disorders.

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About Bill and Mary Stone

Bill and Mary Stone are natives of Evansville. Mary is a 1978 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington. Bill received his degree in business administration and accounting from Marquette University in 1977.

Bill founded Connecticut based SS&C Technologies, Inc. in 1986 and has remained chairman of the board and CEO since its inception. The company is a provider of services and software for the financial services and health care industries and is home to over 24,000 employees across more than 100 locations in 40 countries. In 2011, the company opened an office in Evansville with over 200 employees.

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