38384-Miller, Marcus

Marcus J. Miller, PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medical & Molecular Genetics

Director, IU Biochemical Genetics Laboratory

Director, IU Molecular Genetics Laboratory

(317) 278-1140
IB 344C
Indianapolis, IN
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Marcus J. Miller, PhD FACMG, is an ABMGG certified clinical biochemical geneticist and clinical molecular geneticists that oversees the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory  and the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Indiana University School of Medicine.   Dr. Miller’s research focuses on advancing laboratory testing for genetic disease and improving the diagnosis and management of patients with inborn errors of metabolism. 


Key Publications

Wangler, M.F., Lesko, B., Dahal, R., Jangam, S., Bhadane, P., Wilson, T.E., McPheron, M., Miller, M.J. (2023). “Dicarboxylic acylcarnitine biomarkers in peroxisome biogenesis disorders” Mol Genet Metab 107680.

Fayette, M.A., Booth, K.T.A., Lynnes, T.C., Luna, C., Minnich, J.D., Wilson, T.E., Miller, M.J. (2023). “Biochemical and molecular confirmation of alkaptonuria in a Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii)” Mol Genet Metab 107628.

Luna, C., Griffin, C, and Miller, M. J. (2022). " A clinically validated method to separate and quantify underivatized acylcarnitines and carnitine metabolic intermediates using mixed-mode chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry" J Chromatogr A. 1663: 462749

Miller, M.J.,
Luu, S.M, Graham, B. H. (2021) “Acute Hyperammonemia, Lactic Acidosis, and Ketoacidosis in a Developmentally Normal Child” Clin Chm: 67-11.

Miller M.J.
, Cusmano-Ozog K, Oglesbee D, & Young S (2020) “Laboratory analysis of acylcarnitines, 2020 update: a technical standard of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG).” Genet Med:1-10.

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