11320-Nonweiler-Parr, Jacqueline

Jacqueline M. Nonweiler-Parr, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine

Family Medicine Center 1520 N. Senate
Indianapolis, IN


            Dr. Jacqueline Nonweiler-Parr is a Family Medicine physician and the Program Director of the Indiana University-Methodist Family Medicine Residency. Her primary interests in the clinical setting are all matters related to Women’s Health, to that end, she is also trained in surgical obstetrics to perform cesarean sections. She was drawn to family medicine because she enjoys working with people, helping them with preventative care, and aiding patients who must navigate the waters of illness.

            Hailing from Reelsville, Indiana, Dr. Nonweiler-Parr is part of a family of physicians who served as medical missionaries in Bangladesh when she was a child, spending three years there serving the Bangladeshi. Dr. Nonweiler-Parr earned her BA in Chemistry from Hanover and her MD from the Ross University School of Medicine; she holds her Board Certification in Family Medicine, with her most recent recertification being in 2016. She is married with three active boys, she enjoys keeping up with tennis, running, basketball, enjoying time with her family and friends, and reading, when she has any spare time. She also spends time remodeling and redecorating homes and traveling when the opportunity arises.

            Dr. Nonweiler-Parr engages currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine for the Indiana University School of Medicine and serves as the Program Director for the Indiana University-Methodist Family Medicine Residency. She also participates directly in the education of residents, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, medical students, nursing, and medical assistant students. Furthermore, she contributes to patient care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, assists with care at two federally qualified health care facilities, and sits on a variety of planning committees dedicated to raising the next generation of family physicians.


Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine
  • Education
    2005 MD Ross University
    1999 BA Hanover College
  • Publications
    Local Pressure Application Effects on Discomfort, Temperature, and Limb Oxygenation.
    Games KE; Lakin JM; Quindry JC; Weimar WH; Sefton JM; Aerospace medicine and human performance 2016 Aug
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