Dr. Natalie Lambert's Health Lab works to understand the multitude of ways in which COVID-19 impacts patients’ health.
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Lambert Health Lab: COVID-19

Dr. Natalie Lambert’s COVID-19 Health Lab works to understand the multitude of ways in which COVID-19 impacts patients’ health. The major focus of her lab is to 1) understand how underlying health factors affect COVID-19 health outcomes and 2) identify barriers patients experience when seeking out care for long-term or novel COVID-19 symptoms. Dr. Lambert utilizes large-scale natural language processing of data collected from online communities as well as surveys, interactive mapping, and innovative health informatics techniques.

COVID-19 Patient Experiences Research

a graph shows patient-reported symptoms of COVID-19

There are many unknowns about how COVID-19 affects people infected with the virus. Research conducted by Dr. Lambert in partnership with Survivor Corps identified 98 long-term symptoms reported by COVID-19 patients. This project is designed to help answer questions about which underlying health conditions and background factors impact the likelihood of someone experiencing particular COVID-19 symptoms. COVID-19 symptoms can be long-lasting and intermittent, and can affect a wide range of bodily systems. Every case of COVID-19 can manifest a unique combination of symptoms. While many researchers are working to understand these health impacts, patients currently report difficulty getting medical treatment for their long-term symptoms. This project therefore also investigates barriers patients face in getting COVID-19-related medical care.

Open Studies

COVID-19 Symptom Impact Survey

Please take this survey if you tested positive for COVID-19, if you have/had a suspected case of COVID-19, or if you believe you have/had COVID-19. We know that many people who experienced COVID-19 symptoms weren’t able to get tested, and that some people with COVID-19 symptoms received a false negative on their test.

Take the COVID-19 Symptom Impact Survey

Completed Studies

COVID-19 “Long Hauler” Symptom Survey

This survey was done in collaboration with Survivor Corps. Survivor Corps posted an open Facebook poll asking members to indicate all of their long-term COVID-19 symptoms. Participants identified 98 unique long-term COVID-19 symptoms, 26.5% of which are typically painful symptoms, with a large portion of symptoms affecting the brain, nervous system, and whole body.

A map of Indiana shows the locations of COVID-19 resources

Indiana COVID-19 Resource Assessment Research

Indiana University is committed to improving Hoosiers’ health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Lambert has partnered with Indiana 211 to conduct research to understand the Indiana COVID-19 resource landscape. Her lab team created an innovative, interactive resource mapping system that enables local experts to report COVID-19 resources and resource needs. Dr. Lambert’s team is tracking COVID-19-related resource requests over time in order to identify what assistance Hoosiers need the most.

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