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Clinkenbeard Lab

The Clinkenbeard lab led by Erica Clinkenbeard, PhD, is focused on understanding the molecular mechanism driving bone loss in chronic kidney disease – mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD). Dovetailed studies in animal models of CKD and tissue culture work to identify novel targets for therapeutic interventions.

Disrupted mineral metabolism in CKD-MBD is linked to bone fragility and increased fracture risk leading to morbidity and mortality in these patients. Unfortunately, there are no current therapeutics to dramatically improve fracture risk; thus, the underlying effects of CKD on bone homeostasis are not fully understood. The lab uses a mouse model of induced CKD to recapitulate both the metabolic and bone phenotypes observed in CKD patients as well as understand the molecular pathways involved through genetic manipulations. These studies coupled with in vitro techniques serve to elucidate uremic factors that contribute to bone loss and how they alter the differentiation and function of osteoblasts, the bone forming cells.

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Active Research

Co-PI: Erica Clinkenbeard, Kenneth White

Agency: Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

PI: Erica Clinkenbeard

Agency: Indiana University Center for Translational Sciences Institute Biomedical Research Grant

Recent Publications

Clinkenbeard EL, Noonan M, Thomas J, Ni P, Hum JM, Aref M, Swallow E, Moe S, Allen MR. White EK. Increased FGF23 protects against detrimental cardio-renal consequences during elevated blood phosphate in CKD. JCI Inisght (accepted).

Hum JM, O’Bryan LM, Tatiparthi AK, Clinkenbeard EL, Ni P, Cramer MS, Bhaskaran M, Johnson RL, Wilson JM, Smith RC, White KE. Sustained Klotho delivery reduces serum phosphate in a model of diabetic nephropathy. Journal of Applied Physiology (accepted)

Clinkenbeard EL*, Hanudel MR*, Stayrook KR*, Appaiah HM, Farrow EG, Cass TA, Summers LJ, Ip CS, Hum JM, Thomas JC, Ivan M, Richine BM, Chan RJ, Clemens TL, Schipani E, Sabbagh Y, Xu L, Srour EF, Alvarez MB, Kacena MA, Salusky IB, Ganz T, Nemeth E, White KE. (*co-first authors). Erythropoietin stimulates murine and human Fibroblast growth factor-23, revealing novel roles for bone and bone marrow. Haematologica. 2017 Nov; 102(11):e427-430.

Hum JM, O’Bryan LM, Tatiparthi AK, Cass TA, Clinkenbeard EL, Cramer MS, Bhaskaran M, Johnson RL, Wilson JM, Smith RC, White KE. Chronic Hyperphosphatemia and Vascular Calcification are Reduced by Stable Delivery of Soluble Klotho. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017 Apr; 28(4):1162-1174.

Clinkenbeard EL, Cass TA, Ni P, Hum JA, Bellido T, Allen MR, White KE. Conditional Deletion of Murine FGF23: Interruption of the Normal Skeletal Responses to Phosphate Challenge and Rescue of Genetic Hypophosphatemia. JBMR 2016 Jun; 31(6):1247-57.


Research Team

21750-Clinkenbeard, Erica

Erica L. Clinkenbeard, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics

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The lab team also includes Daniel Edwards III (Research Technician).