Recent Publications

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  • In Press

    Adams, Z. W., Meinzer, M., Mandel, H., Voltin, J., Caughron, B., & Wang, Z. (In Press). Cue-dependent inhibition in posttraumatic stress disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. PMCID: In process.

    Barrett, E. L., Adams, Z. W., Kelley, E. V., Peach, N., Hopkins, R., Milne, B., Back, S. E., & Mills, K. L. (In press). Service provider perspectives on treating adolescents with co-occurring PTSD and substance use: challenges and rewards. Advances in Dual Diagnosis.

    Bell, T. M., Raymond, J. L., Vetor, A., Mongalo, A., Adams, Z. W., Rouse, T. M., & Carroll, A. E. (In press). Long-term prescription opioid utilization, substance use disorders, and opioid overdoses after adolescent trauma. Journal of Acute Care Surgery.

    Danielson, C. K., Adams, Z. W., & Hanson, R. F. (In Press). Risk Reduction though Family Therapy: Exposure-Based Treatment for Co-Occurring PTSD and Substance Use Problems Among Adolescents. In S. Back & A. Vujanovic (Eds). Posttraumatic Stress and Substance Use Disorders: A Comprehensive Clinical Handbook. Routledge: New York, New York.

    Dir, A. L., Abascal, C. M., Hummer, T. A., Adams, Z. W., Aalsma, M. C., Finn, P. R., Nurnberger, J. I., & Hulvershorn, L. A. (In press). Suicidality associated with atypical cortical activation during risk decision-making in disruptive behavior disordered youth. Biological Psychiatry.

    Ruggiero KJ, Bunnell BE, Andrews AR, Davidson TM, Hanson RF, Danielson CK, Saunders BE, Soltis K, Yarian C, Chu B, Adams ZW. (In Press). Protocol development and pilot evaluation of a tablet-based application to improve quality of care in child mental health treatment. Journal of Medical Internet Research.

    Stafford, A. M., Garbuz, T., Etter, D., Adams, Z. W., Hulvershorn, L., Downs, S., Aalsma, M. (In press). The natural course of adolescent depression treatment in the primary care setting. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. 

  • 2019
    Aalsma, M. C., Dir, A. L., Zapolski, T. C. B., Hulvershorn, L. A., Monahan, P. O., Saldana, L., & Adams, Z. W. (2019). Implementing risk stratification to the treatment of adolescent substance use among youth involved in the juvenile justice system: Protocol of a hybrid type 1 trial. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, 14, 36.

    Agley, J., Adams, Z. W.,Hulvershorn, L. A. (2019). Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) as a tool for continuing medical education on opioid use disorder and comorbidities. Addiction, 114(3), 573-574.

    Davidson, T. M., Bunnell, B. E., Saunders, B. E., Hanson, R. F., Danielson, C. K., Cook, D., Chu, B., Dorsey, S., Adams, Z. W., Andrews, A. R., Walker, J., Soltis, K. E., & Ruggiero, K. J. (2019). Pilot evaluation of a tablet-based resource to improve quality of care in child mental health treatment. Behavior Therapy, 50(2), 367-379. PMCID:PMC6511883.

  • 2018
    Adams ZW, Sieverdes JC, Brunner-Jackson B, Mueller M, Chandler J, Diaz V, Patel S, Sox LR, Wilder S, Treiber FA. (2018). Meditation smartphone application effects on prehypertensive adults’ blood pressure: Dose-response feasibility trial. Health Psychology, 37(9)850-860.

    Orengo-Aguayo, R. E., Hanson, R. F., Moreland, A. D., Jobe-Shields, L., & Adams, Z. W. (2018). Enhancing the delivery of an empirically-supported trauma-focused treatment for adolescents: providers’ view of the role of technology and web-based resources. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 45(4), 545-586.

    Walker, J., Bountress, K.E., Calhoun, C.D., Metzger, I. W., Adams, Z. W., Amstadter, A., Thomas, S., & Danielson, C.K. (2018). Impulsivity and Comorbid PTSD-Hazardous Drinking. Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 14(2), 89-95. PMCID: PMC6322969.

  • 2017
    Adams, Z. W. McClure, E. A., Gray, K. M., Danielson, C. K., Treiber, F. A., & Ruggiero, K. J. (2017). Mobile devices for remote biomarker acquisition in psychiatric clinical research. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 85, 1-14PMCID: PMC5191962

    Bountress, K., Adams, Z. W., Gilmore, A. K., Amstadter, A. B., Thomas, S., Danielson. C. K. (2017). Associations among impulsivity, trauma history, and alcohol misuse within a young adult sample. Addictive Behaviors, 64, 179-184 . PMCID: PMC5362376

    Danielson, C. K., Cohen, J., Adams, Z. W., Youngstrom, E. A., Soltis, K., Amstadter, A. B., & Ruggiero, K. J. (2017). Clinical decision making following natural disasters: efficient identification of posttraumatic stress disorder risk in adolescents. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 45, 117-129PMCID: PMC5075270

    Danielson CK, Sumner JA, Adams ZW, McCauley JL, Carpenter M, Amstadter AB, Ruggiero KJ. (2017). Adolescent Substance Use Following a Deadly U.S. Tornado Outbreak: A Population-Based Study of 2,000 Families. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 46(5): 732-745.

    Mirhashem, R., Allen, H. C., Adams, Z. W., van Stolke-Cooke, K., Legrand, A., & Price, M. (2017). The intervening role of impulsivity on the association between childhood maltreatment, PTSD, and opiate-related problems. Addictive Behaviors, 69 98-103. PMCID: PMC5384831.

    Mirhashem R, Allen HC, Adams ZW, van Stolk-Cooke K, Legrand A, Price M. (2017). The intervening role of urgency on the association between childhood maltreatment, PTSD, and substance-related problems. Addictive Behaviors, 69:98-103.

    Sieverdes JC, Adams ZW, Nemeth L, Brunner-Jackson B, Mueller M, Anderson A, Patel S, Sox L, Treiber FA. (2017). Formative evaluation on cultural tailoring breathing awareness meditation smartphone apps to reduce stress and blood pressure. mHealth, 3:44.

  • 2016
    Cohen, J., Danielson, C. K., Adams, Z. W., & Ruggiero, K. J. (2016). Distress tolerance and social support in adolescence: predicting risk for internalizing and externalizing symptoms following a natural disaster. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 38(4), 538-546. PMCID: PMC5283801.

    Derefinko, K. J., Charnigo, R. J., Peters, J. R., Adams, Z. W., Milich, R., & Lynam, D. R. (2016). Substance use trajectories from early adolescence through the transition to college. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 77, 924-935. PMCID: PMC5088174

    Cohen, J. R., Adams, Z. W., Menon, S. V., Youngstrom, E. A., Bunnell, B. E., Acierno, R., Ruggiero, K. J., & Danielson, C. K. (2016). How should we assess for depression following a natural disaster? An ROC approach to post-disaster assessments in adolescents and adults. Journal of Affective Disorders, 202, 102-109. PMCID: PMC4947444

    Adams, Z. W., McCauley, J. L., Back, S. E., Flanagan, J. C., Hanson, R. F., Killeen, T. K., & Danielson, C. K. (2016). Clinician perspectives on treating adolescents with comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder, substance use, and other problems. Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, 25, 575-583. PMCID: PMC5100692